The New England state normal school

—This type of school is most fully developed in Massachusetts, where the work deal? with students who are high school graduates from a good four-years’ course. It admits none except actual teachers, or those intending to be teachers. The actual teachers are granted special privileges because of their experience, but they are not the larger. number who graduate from the school and go out as its representatives. The minimum academic requirement* for graduation are Eng- lish and literature, mathematics, science, and history; the subjects of the course not being very largely beyond the good high-School courses, but the teaching of the subject» being much more thorough and from a different standpoint than in the secondary school, and being regarded as professional.

Music, drawing, elementary science, physical training, literature, and history suitable for children receive much attention in the preparation of the teacher for the work expected. The pedagogical work consists of psychology, pedagogy, and history of education, each courae covering a year of study. Most of these schools have courses of two or three years, in which the definite limit of time attendance required in all cases is an individual question. It is asserted unanimously that the function of the normal school is not to do distinctively academic work. The other state* of this section do not reach this standard of entrance or graduation, but they regard this condition as dwirable of early attainment.

The Southern state normal school

—There ure two phases to the Southern normal school: one which is planned for white student*, modeled, as far as possible, on the best line*, scholastic and professional; and erne which is planned for colored student#, where elementary professional training is combined with special industrial instruction. In the first tlie problems are much like the problems of the normal schools of other parts of the union. In the second the problems are distinctly special and local, and have in mind many more interests and economic needs than simply the preparation of teachers to teach the ordinary school alone, as it is the theory that theee industrially trained colored normal graduates have a larger and more fundamental, mission than simply tlio scholastic in2struction commonly considered as the province of the elementary school. They are to give u special trend to the industrial activities of the people among whom they labor, and are to become leaders in all progress, intellectual and economic.

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