Vocabulary: be able to specify and give illustrations of these cardinal footings geographics
topographic point
capitalist economy
province socialism
bid economic systems

supranational organisation
import permutation
gross domestic merchandise ( GDP )
Human development index ( HDI )
Cold War

spacial bend
planetary clime alteration / planetary heating
Examine cardinal constructs:
Uneven development:
different theories of development
modernisation theory

dependence theory – with illustrations of nucleus and fringe states neoliberalism – structural accommodation policies. typical demands and consequences. topographic points where it’s been implemented development organisations

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World Bank. IMF and WTO
sectors of the economic system – be able to give illustrations of what types of occupations and what effects for states in the international division of labour deindustrialization – where is it go oning? Why? What are the effects? physical geographics procedures

home base tectonics – general apprehension of procedure and effects on topographic points earth sun relationships & A ; clime: 5 atmospheric procedures that consequence conditions El Nino
globalisation: specific causes. effects. illustrations
international division of labour
how societies deal with difference: multiculturalism. assimilation infinite. topographic point. and spatial property
how are urban infinites typically organized in Latin America. Europe. former Soviet Union? understand different graduated tables of analysis available and what benefits and burdens they provide: local. national. planetary be familiar with maps as representations of infinite and of import map characteristics ( e. g. legend. graduated table. orientation ) . how are maps a societal contruction?

Region specific points:
Understand the trigon of trade between Europe. Africa. Americas – what parts were involves. what resources flowed where. and what were some of the permanent effects? What are some of the factors that led to U. S. hegemony?

What historical events have lead to the enlargement of U. S. district? What are some features of the “Golden Age of Capitalism” in the United States? What are some bequests of colonialism in Latin America?

What physical geographics processes aid make the Amazon ecoregion and how have worlds put these to utilize? What are some dangers of some Latin American economic systems being mostly based on exporting primary sector goods? What are grounds for the formation of the European Union and how does it work? What are some of the forms of uneven economic development in Europe? What’s the eurozone debt crisis and what are some of the cardinal states effected? How is climate a restrictive factor in Russia?

What are some of the spacial forms of Soviet and post-Soviet economic development? What is the Aral Sea catastrophe?


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