George Washington 2 Essay, Research Paper

Marcus Cunliffe

George Washington

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Man and Memorial

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For old ages George Washington has been one of the most august work forces in history. No adult male s life has been more carefully documented than the life of Washington. Yet he still is hidden behind a fa fruit drink of fables and folklore. Let us take a expression into the adult male that is known to us as the Father of our State.

Cunliffe points out that Washington grew up as a somewhat of awkward immature adult male. He was born on February 11, of 1732 to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. Cunliffe does a good occupation in informing us that the calendar was revised in 1752 and 11 yearss were added to the new calendar. To the reverse of what many believe he did non cut down a red tree or do many of the things that the pamphleteer Parson Weems wrote of him. These were all narratives that were thought to be able to win the author and the publication company popularity and money.

Cunliffe writes of five other brothers and sisters, but falls short to state us much about them. He does state us of Lawrence Washington. This is George s half brother. George and Lawrence were good friends with each other despite the age difference of 13 old ages. Cunliffe expresses that being good friends with Lawrence brought first-class luck to George. George got his first occupation from Lawrence as a surveyor and became quit successful in his occupation.

Through Lawrence, George profited by deriving many extremely well-thought-of familiarities. One of which friends was Anne Fairfax. Anne was the married woman of Lawrence. Later, Anne s oldest brother George William married Sally Cary. Cunliffe raises an interesting inquiry in which many biographers have written about. Through Washington s diaries and letters he has written of Sally, and to Sally of his infatuation and possibly even love of her. This brings out the human side of George Washington some people do non cognize approximately.

As clip went on Cunliffe points out that George grew out of his shell in his older old ages and became a adult male of involvement and regard. He became a leader in the military and was slightly successful. After excessively much clip in this his life was going difficult and nerve-racking. Therefore Washington took a interruption from the military and settled down and found a lady.

His bride to be was Martha Dandrige Custis. Cunliffe brings up the inquiry of George and Martha s matrimony of being wholly romantic. For both of them it was a cautious battle. Through the reading of the writer it is believed that the two liked each other but may hold non had a passionate love for each other.

By the clip Washington was forty, he was a significant figure in Virginia, yet he was non in the little circle of the most powerful work forces in the settlement. One ground Washington was going a more significant figure was because of the content province that he was in during this clip period in his life ( 1770 1775 ) .

Yet now in the early summer of 1775 he headed to Boston. The one time loyal Virginia gentlemen was now General Washington ; the rebel leader of non merely Virginia, but of all 13 settlements. It surprises the reader to see that Cunliffe does non travel into more item on the topic of how Washington may hold obtained this place. He does give us the three chief grounds of the colonial s narrowness in get downing up the rebellion.

First off was the Gallic menace was gone. By 1763 France had given up all their North American ownerships. Second of all after deriving all of the Canadian states and looking to hold inherited the Gallic state. There was the effort of Britain to reorganise the settlements. In these alterations they besides had to pay revenue enhancements to Britain ; that harshly defined the mercantilist form, in which the settlements supplied natural stuffs to Britain and provided a market for Britain s mom

nufacturers. The 3rd and likely the most despised ground was that it seemed Britain was handling the settlements as if they were non parts of Britain put ownerships of Britain. It is rather interesting in the narrow mindedness that the settlers had. They could non see the logical thinking behind some of the Mother Countries good purposes.

To follow in clip there were many rebellions and boycotts against such things as the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act. Many of these state of affairss brought unrest to the settlements and no 1 was certain of what the result would be. The Continental Congress was ready to reply the British actions with force if need be. Therefore if they were to hold an ground forces they needed person to take it. On June 15, 1775, it was decided that George Washington was to be the Commander and General of the Army. From the election of George Washington to General the revolution was started.

The first action that the Rebels took was the successful emptying of Boston in which no 1 was hurt. By May 1776 Washington had decided that there would be no more polite fiddling. Thomas Jefferson drafted, with some aid, The Declaration of Independence and Congress approved it on July 4, 1776. Culiffe gives a good premise that there was no turning back now for the nationalists.

For the first few months things did non get down out so good. Yet in the terminal Washington came up with a superb program to assail the British on Christmas dark. The program worked and it was a oppressing licking to the British. It is exceeding that Washington had such a great generalship with non that much experience in the field compared to that of the British. The colonial s lost conflicts and won conflicts and in the terminal won it all. The nationalists with the assistance of the Gallic surrounded Yorktown and the Revolutionary war was over. The celebrated General Cornwallis was beaten and surrendered.

Cunliffe raises a idea arousing inquiry in why after the war did Washington privation to travel back to his place and go a farmer alternatively of being more involved in political facets. Well, as we know it the thought of George going merely a husbandman did non go on. In 1789 all of the Electoral College votes went to Washington and he was elected as our first President of the United States of America. Through all the unfavorable judgment that Washington received in his first term he held strong to the Fundamental law at the disbursal of his ain fundamental law.

Although Washington received rather a spot of unfavorable judgment in his first term, he received the most unfavorable judgment he had every experienced in his life during his 2nd term as President. Washington decided to remain impersonal while France was at war seeking to claim Independence. This brought rough judgement by some but in the terminal, points out Cunliffe, was likely the best thing we could hold done. Washington was in no manner sorry that he gave up the Presidency for a 3rd term. He had had plenty and was ready to go through it on to John Adams.

Cunliffe speaks of the idea that many would believe of Washington to retire and hold a slow terminal of yearss. Yet these were some of the best times of Washington s life. President Adams even summoned Washington to command a naval fleet against France. This of which Washington was non excessively happy, but as it turned out at that place was no war and Washington returned to his fantastic place Mount Vernon. He spent his clip by appraising, siting, holding dinners and disbursement clip with his babe girl born to his niece Betty Lewis. The life of George Washington came to a really speedy terminal though. On December 13, 1799 he came down with a iciness and cough. The physicians tried shed blooding him to no benefit. He died the twenty-four hours after, in hurting, December 14, 1799.

Through the many secondary beginnings that this popularly manner book was written Cunliffe brings out the great points of George Washington s life. He is non merely a adult male hidden behind a fa fruit drink of fables and folklore. He is a adult male of self-respect and regard. He is The Father of our State.


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