Would you instead see your best friend that you love endure a long and painful decease or you could stop it rapidly and painless? George was faced with the toughest determination of his life when he chose to kill his best friend. He knew this was the best for Lennie. Although George truly didn’t privation to he cognize making this would do Lennie’s decease painless. If George didn’t kill him so the other work forces would hold viciously beaten so murdered Lennie.

Lennie ever gets himself into problem by rolling about. When Lennie and George arrived at the spread one dark the work forces travel out. Lennie stays behind and goes into the barn and enters into Crooks’s room. Crooks tells Lennie to go forth and non to come back but Lennie doesn’t attention. Crooks says “You got no right to come in my room…Nobody got any right in here but me” ( 68 ) . Lennie still doesn’t understand Crooks’s petition. Lennie didn’t truly understand why Crooks was entirely and how he didn’t want him at that place. Lennie merely wanted to be with person and have person to speak excessively.

Lennie doesn’t cognize his ain strength. his whole life he’s been aching living things. When Lennie was immature his Aunt would give him mice but every clip he managed to kill the mice. When something would draw off or even seize with teeth him he would squash down until they stopped traveling. Curley tried to pick a battle with Lennie. Curley went to plug Lennie once more and Lennie grab Curley’s fist and crushed his manus. George shrieks at Lennie “Leggo of him. Lennie. Let go” ( 63 ) . Lennie didn’t know what he had done.

Lennie ends up making the worst things possible. He ends up killing his puppy by accident. He besides kills Curley’s married woman in the barn. Lennie’s full life he’s been killing things without cognizing what he’s done. Lennie grab Curley’s married woman. “Don’t you go shouting and agitate her” ( 91 ) . Lennie wasn’t certainly what he had done. George had no pick but to kill Lennie because of what he had done.

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Although it was such a tough determination George made the right pick to kill Lennie. If he didn’t the other work forces were traveling to viciously slay Lennie. George merely wanted to give Lennie an easy decease. It hurt George to kill Lennie but after he thought he knew he had done the right thing. Would your pick be the same as George did or would you desire to watch your best friend get viciously beaten so finally killed.


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