The island, with a population of merely 20 million, feels like one large tropical menagerie: elephants roam freely, H2O American bisons idle in Paddy Fieldss and monkeys swing from trees. And so there ‘s the pristine coastline. The stat mis of sugary white sand flanked by bamboo Grovess that were off-limits to most visitants until late are a happy, if unintended by merchandise of the war.

Among the most scenic, if hard stretches to make, is Nilaveli Beach in the Tamil North. While a few military checkpoints remain, vacationists can lounge on poolside knolls under thenar trees or snorkel in its crystal-clear Waterss. Or they can order cocktails at the Nilaveli Beach Hotel, a aggregation of late renovated cottages with private patios.

An international airdrome in Matara, on the island ‘s southern shore, is under building, which will do the gorgeous beaches near the seaside small town of Galle easier to acquire to. Decimated by the tsunami in 2004, the environing coastline is now pullulating with fashionable guesthouses and dress shop hotels. Title: The 31 Topographic points to Travel in 2010

Ernst Hinsken, Commissioner for Tourism and member of the German Bundestag, visited Sri Lanka. Accompanied by Jurgen Weerth, the German Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Herr Hinsken met with Milinda Moragoda, Sri Lanka ‘s Minister of Tourism, for extended treatments on how the German authorities could help Sri Lanka in gaining the full potency of the turning German outbound market.

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Commissioner Hinsken said, “ Germans need non fear sing your beautiful state, where the people are smiling and the beaches and other natural attractive forces offer fantastic vacation chances. Although many German first-time visitants place safety and security concerns high in choosing a finish, circuit operators who know Sri Lanka good and repetition visitants will back up the finish to construct assurance. ”

In his treatments, he said that the German Government could non disregard the facts that no foreign visitant has of all time been harmed in Sri Lanka and that the state has a human resource base dependant on touristry that deserves support.

Taken from: hypertext transfer protocol: // txtsearch=German+Tourism+Commissioner

*Please take note: “ the facts that no foreign visitant has of all time been harmed in Sri Lanka ”

3. The followers is an extract from BBC News ; Published in 1 February, 2011

Title: Sri Lanka eyes touristry roar but challenges lie in front

The Sri Lankan authorities says it hopes its hard-won peace will give a much-needed encouragement to the touristry sector in the Indian Ocean island state.

Sri Lanka expects a large inflow of tourers in the following few old ages, after the three-decade long war against the Tamil Tigers ended with the licking of the separationist Rebels in May 2009.

Last month, Sri Lanka Tourism ( SLT ) celebrated the reaching of the state ‘s 600,000th foreign tourer. The SLT expects 700,000 tourers in 2011 and reachings are projected to hit 2.5 million a twelvemonth by 2016.

“ Peace is the biggest investing for the development of touristry in any state, ” says the state ‘s Minister of Economic Development, Basil Rajapaksa.

“ There wo n’t be tourers if there is no peace. ”

He adds, nevertheless, that the authorities is presently seeking to understate its direct intercession, apart from playing a facilitator function, leting the industry to develop itself.

Sri Lanka boasts one of the best beaches in the universe, wildlife sanctuaries, alone ecosystems and heritage sites from ancient metropoliss to colonial garrisons, every bit good as a diverse clime within a little radius.

“ The nature has blessed us with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, alien wildlife and historic topographic points. We as a state have a repute for our cordial reception, ” says Mr Rajapaksa, the younger brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

India and UK are presently the biggest beginning markets for the Sri Lankan touristry industry. The UK comes a close second in footings of reaching Numberss, but governments say tourers from the UK stay longer and the output is higher as a consequence.

Both the governments and industry figures agree that there has so been a immense addition in involvement in touristry since the terminal of the armed struggle. The terminal of the struggle has removed the component of fright for ordinary people.


Taken from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

**Please note: Statistical facts available in this extract.

4.The following extract is taken from Singapore Business News, published in May 5, 2011

Singapore ‘s flag bearer has signed a trade to assist advance touristry in Sri Lanka via its service to Colombo.The intelligence comes after last twelvemonth ‘s ( 2010 ) 40th anniversary jubilation of SIA ‘s presence in Sri Lanka when the air hose commissioned a trade name new Airbus A330-300 for the path. The aircraft continues day-to-day SIA service between Colombo and Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Title: SIA joins Sri Lanka Tourism Effort

Taken from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Analysis of News Articles ( Internet Explorer, what you can acquire from looking at them )

Most of the intelligence came from after the LTTE had been defeated except for Number 2.

No. 1, 3 and 4 shows NYTimes, BBC and SIA blessing of beef uping tourer dealingss with Sri Lanka and No. 1 and 3 congratulationss Sri Lanka for its scenic nature and for the islands ‘ diverse offers for tourers. It is known that some air hoses like British Air has pulled out of Sri Lanka Airlines, nevertheless, No. 4 shows that after the bend of the epoch, other air hoses have given Sri Lanka the support to promote more tourers to travel to Sri Lanka, as Tourism is a big portion of Sri Lanka ‘s economic system.

However, No.2 shows that although the civil war was still traveling on, there were still foreign visitants traveling to Sri Lanka and other big corporate groups taking for Sri Lanka. Besides, it is worthy to observe that the German Tourism Commissioner said that there had been no foreign visitant that had been harmed in Sri Lanka and that Sri Lanka ‘s path record for successfully being a tourer topographic point has non been broken yet, even in the thick of the civil war in 2008. And so, the touristry reachings of 2008 from Eastern Europe ( inclusive of Germany ) increased in 2008 and even from 2004- 2009, statistics shows that all around the universe, from Asia, Western Europe, the Carribean and even Africa and the in-between E has many people traveling to Sri Lanka.

Lanka Newspapers have besides stressed that Sri Lanka is a safe tourer zone.

Acting Minister of Tourism, Faizer Musthapha has said, “ The struggle state of affairs in the North and the East and other stray incidents should non be exploited to forestall tourers from coming to Sri Lanka, as aliens are non terrorist marks at all ” .

No.3 negotiations about the importance of the presence of a province of peace in a possible tourer topographic point because, although no foreign visitants have been harmed while traveling to Sri Lanka during the war, but when there is peace and stableness, more visitants would be attracted in traveling as “ component of fright ” would be lessened and people will be able to bask their holiday without concerns, but largely for holidaying. 73.2 % of tourers went to Sri Lanka in 2008 for pleasance and this increased to 80 % in 2009, partially due to the terminal of the civil war. It shows that Sri Lanka is a tourer hot spot and after the civil war ended, it has made the list for being the top topographic point to travel to in old ages 2010 and 2011.

Furthermore, no.3 has mentioned UK has been a big beginning market for Sri Lanka ‘s touristry industry, which tabulates with our study as more Whites are more familiar with Sri Lanka state of affairs and many Asiatics do non even cognize of a civil war traveling on in Sri Lanka.


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