Geronimo Essay, Research Paper


The film Geronimo: An American Legend is an excllent piece of cinamotography. Jason Patrick and Robert Duvall, as usual provide the mvie with memorable characters. The moviie is shown trough the eyes of Lt. Britton Davis ( Matt Dillon ) who is sent to help Lt. Carles Gatewood in Geronimo & # 8217 ; s ( Wes Studi ) resignation. Geronimo is so placed in the San Carlos reserve. A difference between a the military and the Indians consequences in an Indian slaughter and Geronimo flee & # 8217 ; s fron the reserve. Geronimo forms a little set of Indians who so go out and sekk requital by killing settlerrs and mineworkers. Gatewood and Davis the hunt for Geronimo who has gone south of the boundary line. Through the aid of an Apache lookout they finally track Geronimo and his set down. After a treatment between Geronimo and Gatewood he surrenders and is sent to reserve land in Florida.

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What peculiarly sets Geronimo apart from many Westerns is it & # 8217 ; s potrayel of native Americans. Many Westerns potray Indians as blood thirsty savges that battle and putting to death colonists. In Geronimo the spectator is allowed to see things trough their eyes. One peculiar case of this is in the Indian slaughter seen. The scene opens with a medical specialty adult male and a little group of Indians involved in a religeous ceremonial. The armed forces did non look favourably upon medicine work forces, who they belived preached against the white adult male and instigated rebellion and struggles. A little horse is sent to interrupt up the ceremonial, yet the Indians pay no attending and contnue the cerimony. At this P

oint one can clearly see how indians were often not given equal rights as a people, most notably religeous freedom. In what is one of the grisslyest scenes of anti-indian violence, the medicine man is lassoed, beaten and then shot. Of course this pushes all the other indians over the edge and violene errupts resultin in many dead indians. Of notable interest is the films depiction of Gen. Crook , and his effectiveness in dealing with the indians. Crook treats the indians with respect and attempts to reason with them. Crook speaks directly to Geronimo and explains to him what his orders are. Crook knows native Americans are intelligent and attempts to communicate with geronimo to control his people. Similar to Crook is Gateways methods of dealing with indians . Intead of trying to just give indians orders and shooting any of them that opposes, he attempts to reason with them. Gatewood has much respect for Native Americans and has learned their ways and language. These traits make him ver effective in dealing with tha Appaches. He uses Apache scouts to track Geronimo, knowing that the scouts know the land and indian mentality. All these things contribute to his success in capturing Geronimo at the end. Providing a yang to General Crooks yin is Gen. Nelson A. Miles (Walter Hill). Miles methods in dealing with the indians is entirely different. Through Miles eyes indians are savages that must be corraled into reservations to keeep them from terrorizing “real Americans”. Miles doesn’t attempt to reason or see things from the indians perspective. He simply enforces orders, uing deadly force if neccasary.


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