Get Fit With A Baby Jogging StrollerWhen choosing a jogging strollers weight and durability are two of the key factors. Obviously, the lighter the better, and the more durable the better. The frame on a jogging stroller will either be welded aluminum frame construction or will be constructed of metal tubes connected with plastic joints.Look for a jogging stroller that has a welded aluminum frame. The stroller will be more expensive, but they are noticeably lighter and much sturdier than strollers with metal tube frames.As far as the weight of the stroller, look for a jogging stroller that weighs less than 25 pounds.Wheel SizeA jogging stroller has three large wheels. They have one in front and two in the back. A good jogging stroller should provide your baby with a smoother ride than a regular stroller, and obviously, it should be easy for the runner to push while jogging.The way that jogging strollers achieve a smooth ride and are easy to push is by reducing rolling resistance. And, reduced rolling resistance is achieved by the stroller’s wheels. The back wheels on your jogging stroller should always be large wheels; at least 16? wheels. The front wheel will depend on how you will use the stroller.If the stroller will be primarily used for jogging and walking on smooth surfaces, like sidewalks, bike paths, and indoors a 12 inch will work well. If you plan on using the stroller for frequent outdoor walking or jogging on fairly smooth surfaces, with some off-road use (like cutting across a grassy field) a 16-inch wheel is preferable. The 16-inch wheel will provide less rolling resistance and therefore a smoother ride. If you are a serious runner that does frequent long-distance running and off-road use look for a stroller with 20-inch wheels on the back and the front.Wheel styleGenerally speaking, a jogging stroller will have a fixed front wheel. When using the term fixed front wheel it means that the wheel does not swivel or turn. Because of the fixed front wheel when you want to turn the stroller you tilt the stroller back onto its rear wheels to make the turn. The fixed front wheel is ideal for jogging because it provides the stability and straight tracking that you need.Some parents that like to jog with their child have a problem with the fixed wheel that comes with most traditional jogging strollers. The problem they experience is that they want their stroller to be used both for jogging but also for other uses such as using the stroller at the mall. The fixed wheel is great for jogging but it becomes a nuisance when out shopping because the stroller has to be tilted back onto its rear wheels to make a turn.Dynamic DesignSome stroller manufacturers recognized that many people want a jogging stroller that can be used for jogging and also more general everyday uses as well. To meet this need some manufacturers have created a “hybrid” jogging stroller with a swiveling front wheel. The hybrid strollers usually have a smaller 12-inch front wheel that can be locked in place for jogging purposes and can be a swivel wheel for everyday shopping purposes.The moms in our neighborhood both have hybrid jogging strollers. The swivel front wheel on the strollers provides superior maneuverability for those indoor situations such as shopping. And, since these hybrid strollers in our family, when used for outdoor jogging or walking, are primarily used on smooth surfaces, like sidewalks, and bike paths. On these types of surfaces, the 12-inch front wheel placed in its locked position works very well. It provides a smooth ride to the baby and is easy for the jogger to push.The drawback to the hybrid stroller is when it is used on rough terrain. The smaller front wheel decreases the stroller’s handling abilities on rough terrain. If you plan on using your jogging stroller for a lot of path, beach or off-road running you should be looking at a fixed-wheel jogging stroller.Wheel ConstructionLook for alloy wheels and hubs, rather than steel. Top of the line strollers will have alloy wheels and alloy hubs. You can save money by purchasing a stroller with steel wheels and hubs. Steel is cheaper but is heavier and has a tendency to rust. If budget is an issue we recommend that you look for a stroller that has alloy wheels and steel hubs. Try to stay away from strollers that have steel for both its wheels and hubs.If the stroller does have steel in its wheel construction and if you live in an environment where there is winter road salt or ocean salt in the air or on pathways you can reduce the rust problem by periodically rinsing the wheels and hubs of your stroller.Baby Seat HarnessSafety is the most important aspect whenever it comes to your baby. Look for a jogging stroller that has a five-point harness. A five-point harness will keep your child secure in the stroller when out for a walk or a jog. The seat harness should be easy to use. We just place the baby in the seat and snap the belt buckle. Then all that’s left to do is pull one strap located at the front center of the seat until it’s tight and we are finished.Seat ConstructionWhen out for your run or walk you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible. The seat should be padded and especially during warmer weather the seat material should be made of a lightweight, breathable fabric. Purchase a jogging stroller that has a breathable padded seating area for your baby.It is important to many parents that their baby gear stay looking good. If this is important to you look for a jogging stroller that has washable seats that can be easily removed cleaned and dried in a washing machine and dryer.Many of the moms that we know will plan their walk or jog at baby’s naptime. Because of this, we think that it is important to have a jogging stroller that reclines. As every child develops differently, before starting to use your stroller with your baby should consult with your Pediatrician. Generally speaking, you should wait until your child is about 6-8 weeks old before using your stroller. For very young babies use neck support and an infant insert until your child has adequate neck strength. Most stroller manufacturers have optional infant inserts that are designed to assure parents that their child will travel safely and comfortably in the stroller. And when the baby is quite young you should limit the walks or jogs to flat, smooth terrain.Sun CanopyWe think one of the most important aspects of any baby stroller, whether it is a jogging stroller or a traditional baby stroller, is having a sun canopy that has the flexibility to provide shade to your baby no matter what the angle of the sun. Direct sunshine into the baby’s face not only will in all likelihood cause the baby to be very uncomfortable and unhappy, but we are all becoming more and more conscious of the negative impact of the suns rays. When looking for a jogging stroller look for one where the canopy can shade the rider from almost any angle.BrakesBrakes are an essential safety feature on any jogging stroller. A traditional jogging stroller will usually have a handbrake that operates much like a bicycle brake and more advanced strollers will also feature parking brakes. Hybrid jogging strollers (strollers with a swivel front wheel that locks) should have a foot brake and may come equipped with a handbrake. When purchasing a jogging stroller ensure that there is a parking brake either hand operated or a foot brake.Arm Safety Wrist StrapOn a good quality jogging stroller, an arm safety wrist strap comes standard. Basically, it’s like a leash attached to the back rear of the stroller, with the loop end worn around your wrist. Because strollers are built for running and speed, you want to protect yourself from the stroller running away from you in an instance where you lose your footing while jogging.FoldingMany people who own or are looking to own a jogging stroller are looking for a stroller that can be easily folded for easy storage. A good jogging stroller should have a one-step process for folding down to a compact size for storage or placing into a car trunk.If you plan to travel a lot with your stroller you should look for a jogging stroller that has quick-release wheels that pop off for ultimate compactness when folded.The jogging stroller that you purchase should be foldable easily by one person. If it takes two people to fold the stroller keep looking. There will be many times when you are on your own with your baby and you will not have a second person available to help you fold the stroller.Most people take their stroller with them in your car. Make sure that the stroller will fit into your trunk when the stroller is folded. Look for a stroller that when folded that is no more than 44 inches long, 25 inches wide and 18 inches tall. If your stroller compacts to this size it will fit in most cars.Adjustable HandlebarsWhen considering a stroller it may be important that the handlebars are adjustable. If your spouse is significantly taller or shorter than you the stroller should have the flexibility to easily adjust the height of the handlebars. Several of the quality jogging strollers available on the market have adjustable handlebars so that people of varied height will be comfortable pushing the stroller.Stroller Storage PocketsMany people when purchasing a stroller are looking for pockets, pouches, cup holders and storage space that are part of the stroller’s design and construction. Does the stroller you are considering have the storage that you need? Many active parents want zipper or drawstring pouches that provide an added measure of security during bouncy rides.Weight CapacityWeight capacity refers to the certified weight that the stroller can carry. The number refers to the total weight of the rider and not the weight of any accessories or items carried in the pockets and pouches. When purchasing a jogging stroller make sure that your stroller has enough capacity in order to accommodate your child as they grow older and gain weight. Generally speaking look for a jogging stroller that is rated to hold a baby that weighs up to 80 pounds. The last thing you want is to have your child outgrow their stroller.Stroller GuaranteeJogging strollers are an investment in your health and your baby’s health. You want to make your purchase with confidence. Your stroller should come with a guarantee on the stroller frame of at least 5 years, and there should be a guarantee of at least one year on the non-frame part of your stroller. Health benefits associated with Jogging StrollersIf you are craving to get some fresh air after your baby came along, Jog Strollers are one of the most important things that you need to consider as it is a great advantage for you as well as your baby.While you are in between your busy schedule of taking care of your toddler, desiring some quality time for a physical exercise can be quite challenging, but Jog Strollers are specially made for jogging can be the most convenient thing happening to you as well as your baby!A conventional stroller for baby is completely different from a baby jogger because it’s specially designed for parents who have been willing to get outside and get some fresh air while wanting their children to go along with them.Extra spaceFor years parents have been struggling hard with carrying extra luggage and juggling between their baby’s diapers, clothes, feeding bottles and more. With such a hectic schedule a parent would never even imagine about going for jogging with their children as conventional strollers are not at all convenient and to one’s horror, they shake and bump the baby.With the introduction of double Jogger Strollers, parent’s perception completely changed on what they can do with their baby while they need some a fresh air. The product was initially designed by a father who was determined in spending some quality time with his two sons without having to sacrifice his jogging exercises. It has been almost 20 years now that Double Jogger Strollers have been around and with this, you will never be left out among your jogging club friends.With time even these quite revolutionary joggers improved drastically and lightweight materials were incorporated with better functions and weatherproof facility. Bringing home a stroller specially designed for jogging is a win-win situation – you get to stretch your arms and legs and you get to enjoy your exercise while your baby is happy in the fresh air. These double strollers are great if you have been blessed with two kids and would love to spend some quality time with them.Have fun working outMany parents have been reporting that these jog strollers are not only functional but also fun for babies, and has therapeutic value too. In fact, many parents agree a jogging stroller works magic in soothing down their crying little one. Though the usage of a jogging stroller may look like a simple workout, it’s much more complex than that. You are jogging, which helps you to burn a considerable amount of calories while getting or staying in shape.However, for the first time in your life, you’re also working out your upper and lower body during your jogging sessions by pushing your jog stroller. This applies excellent resistance to your arms, chest, and shoulders. Needless to say, you can shape your upper body with a regular jogging session.For those who complained that pregnancy had them put a lot of weight fails to realize the great workout opportunities that come as a result of pregnancy. Jog strollers are the essential accessories that health-conscious parents can’t afford to miss, especially when these can be found for a very reasonable price.What new mother can do promote weight loss after pregnancyWeight loss after pregnancy is a lot of women, one of the most difficult things to do after giving birth. Although it is common to gain as much as 40-50 pounds, when you’re pregnant, get it off can be a constant struggle.The first thing that new mothers should keep in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently to birth. Some will bounce back and quickly lost all during the first few months of weight loss, while others will struggle with him in the coming year. While you lose weight, keep in mind that each person is different and your body some time to recover from an amazing thing, he just made a delivery.Find your comfort zoneAs mentioned above, each woman will lose weight differently, so try not to compare yourself to other new mothers. Unlike other types of weight loss, weight loss after pregnancy attempt, it might be a good idea to set very modest goals for themselves. You already have your plate number to keep their new baby, so do not put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight too quickly. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, it is important to ensure that you get all the calories and nutrients that you need, so it is very low-calorie diet may not be the best plan for you.In this context, breastfeeding is indeed one way that many women start losing extra pounds they gained during pregnancy. Though, whether to breastfeed is a personal choice, it seems that those who tend to lose excess pounds faster than those who do not. It is often changing your diet or exercise routines is not for everyone.Be activeFind a way to be active with your child. Since many manufacturers now offer items such as jogging strollers and all-terrain vehicles, new parents can bring their children with them when they go for a jog or hike. This will allow you to stay active while still using the first few months or years after pregnancy in touch with your baby.Make weight loss a priority. If you live with a spouse or near the nursery, a bit of time on her head to the gym. You can be sure that your child is in good hands, and time alone can actually make you a better parent. Going to the gym, you may feel a little indulgent at first, but if you can find the time, you will be better for it.There are many things that women can make a successful weight loss after pregnancy. If you are trying to lose weight, remember that you should not be too hard on yourself. Your body has just been through a lot and it may take some time to recover.


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