There was a clip that I had a conversation with a friend who is a alien and cognize really small about the civilizations in the United States. He was fundamentally biased against the black race or the Afro-american races and spoke about them in a really discriminating mode. He believed that the black race in America is largely composed of hoods and felons who are soiled and can non populate the manner most white Americans do. Although I didn’t precisely argue with him. I still did to alter his beliefs and perceptual experiences on the black race and fortuitously. I succeeded.

I foremost started out by stating him the harsh realities that most of the people from this race used to face and are still confronting today such as favoritism at work. instruction. and employment among others. I besides pointed out that there are a batch of narratives published in major newspapers that show that favoritism against people from other races and civilizations are still present today. I shared with him narratives of an outstanding pupil from a public high school who was allegedly non given a scholarship merely because he is black.

I besides told him of certain instances wherein workers are non given the fillips and benefits that are due to them because they belong to the black race. In short. I foremost tried to do him sympathise with the predicament of the black race and I believe I was successful in making so. Furthermore. I besides told him that since he is an Asiatic. he excessively. can besides be discriminated against. More significantly. I emphasized to him that these black people are besides human existences merely like everybody else and hence. they should be treated the same manner white Americans are treated.

After our conversation. my friend agreed me with and told me that he would be careful with his perceptual experiences about the black race from now on. Based on my “persuasive” methods. it can be deduced that the most effectual manner to convert people or audiences to alter their base or positions on a certain issue is to state them existent life narratives that they can associate with. These true to life narratives can stand for the kernel of one’s statements and do one’s claims more believable.

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