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Suppose one twenty-four hours, you walk out of your director’s office, box in manus, caput held low, walking towards your cell. Thinking merely proceedingss before you entered the director ; # 8217 ; s office you were person, you had a intent to society, and a occupation that needed to be filled. You based your individuality on your function in society. But now, idle, your self-esteem is at stone underside, you have nil to make, your individuality had been shattered. Possibly you base your life around your individuality which keeps you sane, you plea with the director, demoing your good plants and betterments to the company. But still, you weren’t able to convert your director so you plunge out the 20-store edifice. Some people would merely travel on and happen another function in society in a something similar or wholly different. But there are those who are pessimistic and have to make this one specific occupation that they feel fulfills their life. Once taken away from them, their whole construction of a being falls apart shortly. In the narrative & # 8220 ; The Non existent Knight, & # 8221 ; Calvino creates two characters, Agilulf and Torrismund, with this type of individuality.

Agilulf had no physical being except for his voice. Along with holding no friends or household, he felt being a knight is all that he could be to place himself with everyone else. It brings him to devastation at the terminal of the narrative because person exposes him to be falsely recognized as a knight. Torrismund instance of individuality was with his position in power and hierarchy. Because he lost his ranking, he ventures off looking for ways to fulfill his royal position. Although he did non kill himself, he did travel through much attempt to recover his royal ego by any agencies.

Agilulf & # 8217 ; s end was to function and protect his state by following the codification of knighthood. He helped out in making assorted undertakings, which were important to the war. Provided nutrient rations so that nutrient can be equally distributed and non wasted. He besides put dead people at peace by burying them. The most important portion about himself was the individuality of Knighthood. At the banquet, Torrismund gave his testimony of the cogency of Sophrainas & # 8217 ; s virginity. & # 8220 ; Yes, I do contend that. Fifteen old ages ago Sophronia, the King of Scotland & # 8217 ; s girl, was no virgin & # 8230 ; Sophronia is my mother. & # 8221 ; ( 78-79 ) Therefore doing Agilulf being to travel up in inquiry. His whole being had entirely relied upon Sophronia being a virgin at the clip he came to deliver her from some bad people. Without this important event, Agliluf would be a mobile warrior without any association on behalf of him.

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& # 8220 ; Before combating for Sophronia when she was attacked by brigands, and salvaging her virtuousness, he had been a simple unidentified warrior in white armour rolling round the universe at a venture ; or instead ( as was shortly known ) empty white armour, with no warrior indoors. His title in defence of Sophronia had given him the right to be an armoured knight. & # 8221 ; ( 79 )

Without salvaging this virgin from danger he can & # 8217 ; t be declared a knight. & # 8220 ; Agilulf decides to set her for safety in a cave and so together with his squire go to Charlemagne & # 8217 ; s cantonment and denote her virginity to be still integral and so besides the legitimacy of his name & # 8221 ; ( 114 )

The extent of the elements that makes Agilulf who he is, is non at all controlled by himself, but instead the testimony of Sophronia as she speaks of that dark when Agilulf had saved her from the brigands. If she was to lie and state she was non a virgin at that clip, so Agilulf had the right of being called a knight, but was falsely answered by Sophronia. On the other manus, which occurred in the book, Sophronia did declare that she was a virgin at that clip, therefore giving rightful ownership of the category of knighthood. But unhappily adequate Agilulf did non remain to hear it and caused himself to disintegrate to thin air. Because his whole being was based around this one fact, he felt that he was non lending to society and therefore leaves to go nil.

Torrismund was a immature character in the narrative. He grew up thought that he was born from a Sophronia, which he kept quiet until that one dark. Because of this, he ever wanted to be recognized by person as his or her boy. He ne’er had that, but was told that his male parent was one of the work forces from the Knights of the Holy Grail. Since he declared to everyone that he is the boy of Sophronia, it caused his individuality, boy of the Duke of Cornwall, to be nothingness, which forfeited his military rights and other benefits. But if he were to happen a Knight of the Holy Grail, he right would be restored. ; # 8220 ; If you win in happening the Knights of the Holy Grail and acquire them to acknowledge you as boy of the whole Order jointly, so your military rights, in position of the Order ; # 8217 ; s privileges, would be no different from those you had as scion of a baronial house. ; # 8221 ; ( 84 )

With his individuality crises, he was an ordinary adult male once more, who knew how to contend with a blade, but had no authorization to make so. Torrismund ventures off to look for the Knights of the Holy Grail to see if they would name him a boy. He comes by and visits a town and asks for some safety and nutrient. Subsequently, he catches up with the Knights of the Holy Grail and attempts to fall in so and acquire so to articulate him as a boy. As they venture, they come across the town once more and inquire the villagers for nutrient for all the Knights of the Holy Grail. The villagers don ; # 8217 ; t even have enough to feed themselves and inquire for them to jump this clip.

We wish to set forward the fact that the twelvemonth had been a really bad one over the whole land of Koolwalden. We are at our marbless ; # 8217 ; stop even to feed our kids. Famine touches rich and hapless. Pious Knights, we have come meekly to inquire you to waive out testimonial merely this clip ; # 8221 ; ( 123 )

At hearing this, the Knights are upset and program to plunder the whole small town. ; # 8221 ; the Knights advanced with set spears towards the hapless peasants. ; # 8221 ; ( 123 ) Torrismund is at a battle in acquiring his position back, but he feels that this is incorrect and articulations side with the provincials. Losing his opportunities of holding position once more, he fights against the Knights. The Knights leave because of their sense of the ; # 8220 ; Grail ; # 8221 ; was stating them to. Torrismund was to travel excessively to happen Sophronia and figure out who he truly is. But the villagers were now willing to do Torrismund a male monarch like individual if he decided to remain with them. ; # 8220 ; You ; # 8217 ; re a knight, but you ; # 8217 ; re generous! At last one who is! Stay with us! State us what you want ; we ; # 8217 ; ll give it to you. ; # 8221 ; ( 125 ) But once more he had lost his individuality and must travel on ; # 8220 ; I can ; # 8217 ; t remain with you I don ; # 8217 ; Ts know who I am Farewell ; # 8221 ; ( 125 )

Torrismund left and headed towards the shores of Brittany looking for shelter and finds a cave. There, he doesn ; # 8217 ; t cognize its Sophronia and ends up kiping with her. The following forenoon he finds out that it was Sophronia who was with him in bed and she reveals his whole individuality. ; # 8220 ; In truth, Torrismund is non my boy, but my brother or instead half-brother. ; # 8221 ; ( 129 ) Subsequently understanding the blood ties, ; # 8220 ; I [ am born ] of the Queen and the Sacred Order. ; # 8221 ; ( 131 ) Therefore, understanding where he came from he can place himself as a Knight.

The two of these characters go through much problem to happen their true individuality. At the terminal, one discovers that they are what they were earlier. Agilulf and Torrismund were still knights. If merely Agilulf had stayed longer for Sophronia account so he would still see his function to society. Was it truly worth the problem to travel and happen out your true ego and where you belong? For Torrismund, now he knows the truth and can rest and non hold to populate a prevarication in being the boy of Duke of Cornwall, but instead a Queen and a Knight of the Holy Grail. Unfortunate for Agilulf, since he was the mildest, and most honest knight, vanished and was ne’er seen from once more. If Torrismund had ne’er mentioned any of his yesteryears, Agilulf would hold still been about.


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