It was the battle of 1801; the lives of thousands of people had been lost in the battle between two rival groups in York. The two sides, the Roundheads led by General M. Taylor and the Caxtons led by Commander L. Jackson. Both leaders wouldn’t back down; thousands of innocent people were slaughtered by the horrendous commands they received. The battle lasted several days, the Roundheads came out victorious. On the final day of the fighting the sky turned grey and gloomy, slowly the rain started and turned the battlefield into a bloody bog. The blood spread into a nearby village permanently staining the ground as a constant reminder of the events in 1801. A large operation to bury the bodies of any soldier who were brutally murdered was constructed. As the operation was under way most of the men who were burying the soldiers, mostly close friends and relatives felt an eerie presence. Even though the sun was beaming down on the battlefield many people reported that suddenly they would go completely cold, this would only be in certain place and would only last a matter of seconds then it would go warm again.

A hundred years past and the site of the battle had begun to be converted into an inn. Whilst under construction items such as timber were mysteriously disappearing only to reappear in another place. Ghostly images were seen on a regular basis and once the inn was completed no one occupied for another hundred years, as they were afraid of what terrors in held within it. During this hundred years many villagers from neighbouring towns reported seeing candles float past windows, long high pitched noises could be heard and also odd shapes were seen floating past some of the many windows.

“Jon isn’t it wonderful” Emma said to her husband “just think of the possibilities we could open the inn in a matter of weeks”.

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“What’s wrong with it” Jon asked the estate agent, to his surprise “nothing” was his reply. “Why is it going so cheap?” Jon asked.

“Because it has never been occupied and to be honest we haven’t had any interest in this house”

Emma and Jon went off to one side and started to mutter amongst themselves. When they returned, straight away Jon said, “we will take it”.

Off they went to inspect what would need to be repaired. To their surprise everything was intact and working well, it was as if someone had been looming after the house for the last couple of hundred years. All that needed to be done to the house was that it needed was to be modernised.

Work was immediately started to add central heating, nothing was done to the structure as it was perfect and had the look of the time it was built. Electricity was added and most rooms were wired up with lighting leaving a couple as they were when the inn was built. As planned the inn opened within a couple of weeks. As this was the first opportunity the public had to view the inside of the magnificent house, it was fully booked for the first few weeks. At first the odd figure was seen around but gradually as time went by it turned into where ever you went you would see a ghostly image. Some guests reported seeing objects floating around their rooms and the odd guest experienced what could only be explained as a poltergeist as they had objects thrown directly at their heads and bodies. As the weeks went on guest became fewer and fewer as they were afraid of the evil within the house.

“Jon, Jon, you awake”

“What time is it”


Jon got up but as he did he thought he heard a quiet thud, thud, thud coming from the room next to his, as the sound only lasted a couple of seconds he thought that he must have imagined it. When he was eating his breakfast he heard it again thud, thud, thud, he tries to think of a rational explanation such as a heavy footed guest or it could have been his wife cleaning a room. He came up with these explanations because he was a sceptic. When Emma arrived in the room the first thing he asked her was, “Are their any guests staying at the moment”, “No” replied Emma.

“Its just that I keep hearing a” thud, thud, thud, he was cut off mid sentence by the noise coming from the first floor directly above him.

“What, What was that” Emma shrieked

“I, I don’t know its probably just a window shutting”

“Jon there’s no one up there”

“It’s probably the wind shutting it” Jon said, desperately trying to think up reasonable explanations for the noise. Jon suddenly remembered that as there was no guests in the inn then it couldn’t have been a window shutting, as they would already be closed.

“You don’t think that it’s a spirit do you” Emma asked. Emma is a strong believer in the spiritual world.

“Of course not” just as Jon said that the noise sounded again this time it was a lot louder. Jon ran up the stairs to see where the noise was coming from, but when he got there the noise had stopped. On his way back down he saw a large, dark figure of what looked like a man and without thinking he said “hi”. It was only when he told his wife about the peculiar dressed man that he remembered that no one was in the inn, it was completely empty so what had he seen, was it a ghost or was it his mind playing tricks on him, he didn’t know. Over the next few days the noises grew worse and the sightings of dark figures were seen more and more often.

“Now do you believe in ghosts” Emma asked.

“I don’t know what to believe”

Emma phoned up some spiritualists to see whether they would search the house for any wandering spirits. Two weeks later a team of spiritualist arrived, they were led by world famous Derek Acorah. For them to do the investigation then they would need to stay overnight. The whole inn was searched, looking for anywhere draughts could be getting in. Once the inspection was complete, they set up some sound test areas where the noises were mainly heard. Trip wires were set up in various corridors where the dark figures had been seen. Once darkness fell all the lights in the inn were switched off and Derek and his team were given night vision cameras. The first few minutes everyone and everything was quiet. Derek broke the silence after about five minutes.

“”O.K I feel that many lives were lost here in a great battle. Many innocent people were slain after following stupid orders from their commanders. Over in that corner” pointing towards a corner in the master bedroom “I can see a tall man dressed in what looks like clothes from the 1700’s – 1800’s”

“Can you give us a name” Martin asked who was observing the investigation and making quick notes about what was said.

“Mark Tylor or Tyson, no wait it’s definitely Tylor, Mark Tylor. I feel now that there is a great rivalry here, he keeps saying we won, we beat you”.

“Can you find out who he is talking about” Martin asked

“Lee Jackson, Commander Lee Jackson”.

Just as Derek had said this one of the trip line alarms sounded. Everyone rushed up to the first floor corridor, nothing could bee seen. Everyone agreed that it would be best if the group split into smaller groups to cover more of the house. Martin was searching the master bedroom when he saw an orb float gently past him then disappear. Martin told Jon about the orb but Jon just looked at him with a blank expression on his face. ” What’s an orb?” Jon asked

“It’s a light anomaly which is thought to be the first manifesto of a ghost”

“Hasn’t it gone very cold in here” stated Emma, as she finished her sentence the air around him went warm again.

“Wow I don’t believe it you just experienced a cold spot” Martin told Jon.

Just as the group was about to be reassembled a loud thud came from upstairs. The whole crew ran up the stairs and saw a hooded figure stood over one of the spiritualist crewmember called Danielle. As everyone approached, the hooded figure spoke in a high-pitched voice “get out”. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks and slowly began to back off fearing for the well being of their fellow crewmember.

“Can you get up” Derek asked.

“No it’s got me, it won’t let me go”. The grip of the hooded figure increased around Danielle’s neck slowly squeezing out every last bit of breath. Danielle let out a low squeal, this was too much for Derek he ran towards the hooded figure and grabbed Danielle’s hand freeing her from his grip. As they stopped running Derek was sent flying as the hooded figure had charged at him. Everyone in the corridor ran down the stairs into the main living area and Jon was told to phone the local vicar to perform an exorcism. Whilst waiting for the vicar the hooded figure had been creating loud noises up stairs as if it was angry, none of the people in the house was brave enough to go to face the ghost.

Around an hour later the vicar turned up and was taken directly to the place of the spirit and started the exorcism. This only aggravated the spirit even more and it started to go mad, it kept screaming until when the exorcism was complete and the whole house went silent. After the inn was searched for any more traces of ghosts using devices that Derek had brought with him. Nothing showed up and the inn was in an eerie silence. Derek left as his job was done.

The next morning Jon and Emma decided to readvertise the inn and shortly the inn returned to its full capacity. Jon still wondered what had caused the spirits to wander the spot of the inn and it wasn’t till he went to the local library and looked at the history of the town that he found out. When he found that the inn was built on an ancient battle site and burial ground. Once he found this out he phoned the local newspaper and gave them the story, which made front-page news. No ghosts were reported again but some still say that lost spirits still wander the grounds of the house at nights.


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