The city was dead. No one had passed through the shadowed streets in an hour and cars seemed to have stopped in the middle of the road like there was a force field shutting them out. The few people that were left inside the city were trapped. Caging them in the force field like rats. The poorly lit street lamps covered only parts of the walkway, allowing the silhouettes of bins and trees to smother the rest. Only a faint glow of light appeared when the wind picked up the branches in the trees and swung them about like a small child being shook.

Leaves fell to the ground like tears a sign that autumn was drawing to a close. The surrounding fog concealed my body as I swiftly made a right turn. As I did I heard the sound of laughter. Not young, not old but friendly, like a joke just being told. My heart felt like it would break my chest. The more I watched the harder it thumped. I placed a hand upon the wall, silently but sharply knowing that any noise could mean disaster. My life and freedom rests on what I see but the suspense of watching and waiting is a dangerous game.

The light from the street lamp flickered like a candle burning and as each shimmer of brightness reached its way down the alleyway it exposed a fraction of the human’s face. Each flicker revealed a different part of the man’s features and a jigsaw of hope assembled in my head. As my eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness I waited for the right moment to pounce. As I waited I noticed a patch of moisture on the wall. I can’t stop staring; it’s a hypnotic trance that has pulled me in. Seconds later I blink wildly and refocus my eyes on the men. One man with dark hair stood in the corner behind his two friends.

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His red hoody covered most of his face and his denim jeans sat low on his hips. He rested his body on the wall and allowed his neck to tilt with the contours of the hard surface. From time to time he shifted his hand to slightly pull up his jeans and continued laughing. His friends were telling the jokes almost as if he were an outsider. The other men weren’t as tall as him but that didn’t matter or show. The night began to close and the black sky overpowered my existence. No light to guide my way. No fog to mask my body. The night was clear apart from the orange circle that enclosed the moon.

The moment had come to remove my pain. Would I break free of his essence? I loosened my grip on the wall and entered the alleyway. As I cautiously moved forward the alleyway seem to stretch further and further away. Puddles on the ground froze up as I passed and the walls were covered in an icy layer. The atmosphere became drier by the second and more time it took to reach the men the more energy was sucked from my soul. My legs began to burn. My arms felt heavy. I almost stumbled over my own feet but made my way up to the strangers. I stopped. Watched. Waited.

This time I waited for a few seconds before metamorphosing my shape. My surroundings began to change. Every colour flashed before my eyes. The sensation of floating made me feel sick but still I changed form. What was seconds felt like hours, every time I transmuted back into my past life. My world stopped revolving, as my transformation was complete. Not only could I see the grim walls and large puddles that surrounded the alleyway, but the horrified faces of the two men. I turned to look at him but his friends denied my access. They were brave or stupid. Either one was going to get them killed.

Their flamed eyes made me feel uneasy as I shifted my weight onto each foot. The terrified look in their eyes boosted my pride but their persistence of blocking my way made me angry. I knew that if I wanted the chosen one I would have to kill his friends first. They were loyal I would give them that, but would they be so loyal if they knew his real identity? A barrier to his life had been blocked but it wouldn’t stop me delivering his soul. The man to my left was smaller than I first observed. His blue shirt and black trousers made him look out of place but his shoes fitted right in.

They were plastered with mud and grass as though someone had dressed him but forgot to change his shoes. To my right side was the taller man. He was not very old, just out of his teens but he stood his ground just as much as the other guy. His constant moving of his feet and twitching of his mouth easily showed he was nervous but unpredictable. My clenched fists burned and then my darker side took over. I stretched out each hand and cracked every finger. The sound of the vacuum drawing close to the bone made the area unnerving. My body relaxed and a watery layer formed covering the whole of my body.

Forming this watery substance allowed me to reach inside their chest and crush their lungs. I stared at the first man in amusement. He had no chance. I reached out to my victim. My arm stretching like rubber. His body felt soft as I entered his chest. Once there I tightened my hand until it was a fist. I squeezed his lungs so tight he couldn’t breathe. He began coughing and then spluttering for air. The remaining oxygen that was locked in his lungs had been compressed out. Soon I he would be dead and I wouldn’t even be sorry. Killing a few innocents along the way is nothing compared to my freedom that is if I catch him?

For a moment we locked eyes and my feelings of once being human flood back, but times had changed. I was no longer human, well not for now. As he held onto my clothes a rush of guilt swept over me like a soft breeze. There one moment, gone the rest. The barrier was falling. The young man in his teens soon gave up. The sweat dripped down his face and his breathing became harsh. Then he bolted. Running for his life. I stood. Waited till he had gone and then turned my head. I gazed intently at my victim, my soul and the key to my life. His expressions fixed. He knew what was coming, well the ending any way.

Shouldn’t I have a little fun whilst I waited for the call from my master? I altered my form into so many creatures that his eyes began to sting. He began rubbing them until they turned red. Tears fell from his eyes as he tried to block out the images. But it was no use. The pictures played like a tape. Only no fast-forward. No rewind. And certainly no stop. The man held his head up, stopped rubbing his eyes and smiled. For a slight moment his face look joyous. His smile rose and rose until it converted into a cocky grin. Then he bolted. Down the alleyway and out. Into the open streets and treacherous world.

I changed into the mist like form I originated in and quickly left my human side behind me. I left the alleyway and into the streets. Night was almost here. A low fog had now vanished which left only a figure, which barricaded the alleyway. Me. The clear skies had once again challenged me and my existence was drawing to a close. I changed into my human form and slowly walked away. The sounds of the city were drummed out by my footsteps and my death. How would I explain the loss of my victim? No explanation was going to cover it. Without my victim, I had just lost my soul, and my life.


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