The first stanza has a theme of loss, which is slowly released throughout the poem as the poet begins to describe the foreground and introduces the reader to the Incident: “Ragged diamond” Morgan has used the word ‘ragged’ to make the glass sound uneven, broken and unfixable. This creates the violent Image more Numismatic as we imagine the danger approaching the young couple.

The use of the word ‘diamond’ makes the scene seem perfect timing for the youths to push the couple through the glass, but it also shows hat as a diamond can never be destroyed, as to is the criminal’s act, which will never be gone from the memory of the people passing by. In the first stanza, he uses an onomatopoeia ‘shattered plate glass’. The repeat off’s’ sounds like glass showering onto the ground.

In the second stanza, he reveals the damage the youths have caused to the couple, in a very sinister manner; “The young man’s face Is bristling with fragments of glass” We can tell from the use of ‘bristling’ that it wasn’t Just a few bits of glass that would aka no time to be removed as his face was covered in little bits of glass. This represents the life changing aspect of this attack as his face will be very scarred.

This metaphor also compares the pieces of glass embedded in his face with stubble, which shows how young this man is who has Just been traumatized with this attack. “Spurts of arterial blood over her wet look white coat” The coat is important as the blood stands out against a white jacket. The wet look coat is now Ironically wet with blood. The white coat resembles medical attention added with the red blood against the white.

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The poet’s use of “spurts” reminds us of how quickly the girl is loosing life from the bleeding artery. The third stanza shows the emotion and reaction of the criminals and the victims after the couple fell to the ground with severe injuries; Starfishes out’ 1 OFF compares the position of the young couple to a starfish which shows how vulnerable and open the couple are to what has happened and the impact of the pain that is being inflicted on them. The metaphor helps emphasis the violence on the innocent people.

Now they have smashed the window, the youths can now do what they came ‘Complete the operation’ The poet has cleverly used this which is normally associated with surgery or army movements, to the needed surgery of the victims, to the quick, organized, well planned and rehearsed crime that has Just taken place. With this action taken place, the poet still doesn’t give any emotion on the event, and neither do the criminals; ‘Their faces show no expression’ This annoys the reader as the criminals show no remorse for their actions and lack of once for the damage they’ve caused.

The youths faces contrast vastly compared to the couples; “faces show surprise, shock”. Now that the loot is over, all the youths have to do now and make sure they get away with their actions; “In the background two drivers keep their eyes on the road. ” There are people who could have of helped the couple as the poet tells us that the visibility is very clear at this time. The fact that the drivers kept as an image in the background tells us that they all saw what happened but they are making a conscious effort not to become involved.

The poet connotations of camera focus implies that the visibility is very clear and nothing is blocking the drivers view. Using metaphors, onomatopoeia and repetition, the poet has made reader feel angry at the youths but equally disappointed and angry at the drivers who could have helped but chose not to. I liked the numismatic poem as he has made the reader question what they would have done in the driver’s situation, also because through the vivid imagery and metaphor. I felt as if I were at the crime, not in a classroom reading a poem that was written 10 years ago.


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