The construct of Global Culture is defined as the thought of a “one universe culture” wherein the “earth’s dwellers will lose their cultural diverseness and one civilization will be experienced by all people” ( Oregon State University. 2008 ) . At present. this sort of phenomenon is one of the most controversial issues that is being discusses and debated by legion bookmans particularly in its relation to the alterations that is presently go oning in the universe. However. the thought of a planetary civilization is non a new capable affair. as it had been perceived by old noteworthy personalities.

This is greatly exemplified by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel as they discussed the construct of planetary civilization in the Communist Manifesto. The Communist Manifesto is considered as one of the world’s most influential political manuscripts in which the intents and plan of the Communist League is written. However. this papers besides tackled the Communist League’s unfavorable judgment of the Bourgeois In order to so. they besides gave their perceptual experience of planetary civilization and how this phenomenon affects the society.

Marx and Engel began the Communist Manifesto by saying that the foundation all bing societies is the history of category battle. They pointed out that early epochs up to the clip that the pronunciamento was created the society is ever composed of viing categories that are most suitably described as the oppressor and the oppressed. The development and revolutions in history paved the manner for two great categories that are straight confronting against each other viz. : the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat.

The formation of the modern Bourgeoisie is the merchandise of a long class of development every bit good as the series of revolutions with respects to production and exchange ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) . The Bourgeoisie is mostly responsible in the alterations of the manner of production. which give manner to assorted alterations that greatly exemplified the thought of a planetary civilization. The being of the Bourgeoisie is dependent upon the uninterrupted revolutionizing of the instruments of production and finally the dealingss of productions. This includes spread outing the market over the full surface of the Earth for the ingestion of its merchandises.

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Marx and Engel clearly explained the Bourgeoisie’s desire for globalisation when they stated. “It must cuddle everyplace. settle everyplace. set up connexions everywhere” ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) . In relation to the thought of market enlargement. the Communist Manifesto besides give due history of the construct of free trade. which is an of import characteristic in accomplishing a planetary civilization. The Communist League strongly believes that Free Trade is the chief perpetrator in most people’s perceptual experience that personal worth is measured by the exchange of value that is most discernible in the importance they give to material things.

In order for the Bourgeoisie to prosecute their aim of profitableness by increasing production. they have to work other people by altering the manner they think about themselves and modifying the values that they uphold ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) . The Bourgeoisie’s development of the universe market is making a widely distributed character to production and ingestion of every state. Due to this. it is destructing the old-established national industries that are of import in the national individuality of a state.

Industries do non simply utilised autochthonal natural stuffs but they get it from the remotest parts of the universe and their merchandises are non simply consumed at their several states but besides in every one-fourth of the Earth. The globalisation of trade besides affects other factors such as communicating. As such. the very manner of life of the people is besides influence wherein they adhere to the political orientations of the Bourgeoisie like being consumerists. which heightens the pursuit of this class’ involvements ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) .

In this sense. Communists support the sentiments of the labor that they believed is being exploited by the Bourgeoisie. The conference represents the common involvements of all labors around the universe regardless of their nationalities. They represent the labors in the different phases of development of the Bourgeoisie wherein there is an discernible battle of the on the job category. The primary purpose of the Communist is similar with all other proletarian parties. which are: “the formation of the labor into a category. overthrow of the middle class domination. conquering of political power by the proletariat” ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) .

However. the Communist Manifesto clarifies that it is non after the abolishment of belongings in general but instead the obliteration of bourgeois belongings. In making so. they can be able to continue the freedom. independency. and equality of an person that is taken off from him or her due to exploitatory pay labour ( Marx and Engel. 1848 ) . Communists clearly saw the creative activity of a planetary civilization through the revolution of production that the Bourgeoisie are responsible for as the cause of most of the world’s immorality.

Some of the damaging effects that it gives are the development of people particularly the labor. the devastation of old established establishment like the household. and the really self-value of an person. On the other manus. some noteworthy bookmans like Henry Jenkins and Rob Walker perceive the new civilization of globalisation in a different visible radiation. Their plants show the effects of the technological promotion that Marx and Engels noted in the Communist Manifesto. Henry Jenkins chief statement was on the construct of Media Convergence. He asserted that the position that simply focused on engineering is shortsighted.

Jenkins emphasized that the existent of import factor is the apprehension of the manner by which persons in the modern-day civilization could take part and unite legion media beginnings. Groking the relationship among assorted media signifiers can be done in a more in deepness mode if the engagement of persons will be given due consideration. In relation to this. Jenkins suggested that convergence should be seen as a cultural procedure that is germinating and developing instead than a mere technological terminal. Furthermore. he besides elaborated that there are different sited wherein the dialogues between consumers and manufacturers take topographic point.

These sites are “modifying audience measuring. airting globalisation. re-engaging citizens. renegociating dealingss between manufacturers and consumers. redesigning the digital economic system. rethinking media aesthetics. modulating media content. redefining rational belongings rights. and curtailing media ownership” ( Jenkins. 2006 ) . Jenkins’ was able to earnestly and extensively analyze the effects of audience engagement in media civilization. He was able to foreground the influence of digital popular civilization on the behaviour of persons particularly in footings of their engagement in the field of political relations.

Rob Walker is besides one of the modern-day personalities that has its ain position with the modern province of production and ingestion that exists in the universe today. His statements are centered on the construct of money civilization and agencies of engineering like advertisement. music. and consecutive art. The focal point of Walker survey is in analyzing the consumer behaviour of an person from the lens of concern and anthropology. He discussed assorted merchandises and the corresponding consumer tendency that is was able to make.

Walker efforts to understand the grounds behind consumers’ response to a certain merchandise. which ranges from toothpaste to alcoholic drinks up to telecasting plans. In making so. he be given to critical analyze the a peculiar merchandise by seeking to understand the underlying construct of its trade name name. aim consumer. and even its consequence on those who patronize it. Furthermore. he besides tries to set up a connexion between the merchandise and the consumer by explicating how the characteristic or attitude of a consumer is reflected in the merchandises that he or she buys ( Walker. 2008 ) .

Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto calls the people particularly the labor to take action in get rid ofing the construct of private belongings of the Bourgeoisie category that tends to work other people and destruct the very civilization of states. On the other manus. Jenkins and Walker besides give accent in the engagement of people in the convergence of media but they pointed out that this AIDSs in the formation of individuality instead than a mere manner for exploitatory labour.

National individualities are formed because of the being of mass media that allows its audience to make their ain texts and present their ain individualities that allows other people in the Earth to see and understand other civilizations. The being of mass media in footings of the construct of convergence is already regarded as a cultural procedure in itself that allows people to develop their individualities. In this modern age. mass media is non simply a technological promotion but instead it is a tool that allows people to take part and interact in the international community.

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