Moreover, he mentioned that It is his Job to congest all ports connecting the Philippine islands internationally and domestically. By having this mind set, the department aims to bring more local and foreign tourists and one of its major ventures that they working on now is the partnership with Royal Caribbean cruise. The ship from the said cruise line has once docked in the shores of Barclay. However, due to the island’s incapacity to cater to such enormous marine vessels, the department is thinking of having some ‘pandering’ service with small boatmen.

This would mean that the cruise ship will dock a kilometer away from the shore and small boats will then pick up the tourists to bring them to the different stations of Barclay. I believe that the country is in full speed towards progress in terms of tourism. However, corruption has blocked its way by embezzling funds that could have been used to expand and renovate our airports and help small companies to provide better services for their customers. Ms. Marl Erase, one of the country’s most renowned Journalists. As given me a to of insights about how journalism transformed through the years from the use of large phonographs to use of smart phone. But, the only thing that has not changed in her profession is her dedication to inform her audience transparently. Also her dedication to deliver the news even if it would mean risking her life at war has made her one of the best Filipino Journalists of all time. I have realized that being a Journalist comes with the responsibility of forming people’s pollen.

If one would report biased news then It would mean depriving your audience of the truth. Thus, multiple off beam conclusions would be drawn from your audience and this would be chaotic. I consider stating the facts at all time very important as this would build transparency and precision in the society. Mr.. Arthur Polaroid and Mr.. Donald Limit both expressed how deferent forms of social media can influence the reaction of the audience. They have discussed about extensive use of media to be of Informative help.

And one example that has really been applauded was the team up between Gulf News and Tim Horton wherein news an be availed through paper covers of the cup with CRY codes and just by scanning the news can now be read through one’s smartened. It is amazing to know that technology has helped the media to reach out to the audience really fast and has given them the opportunity to provide real time news. However through technology, everyone has been given access through the use of blobs’ and other sources which audience has this responsibility to discern what articles are based from facts and not just formed by opinion.

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