Question 1. Constrains and Challenges for the Global Manager. As our organisation we chose a humidification called ‘Climanova’ in Eede. It’s frequently interacted with because Jolien works at that place frequently in the weekends. The physical design:

The organisation is located in Eede a little town in Zeeland. Climanova lies on an industrial country surrounded by multiple European organisations. There is a large parking batch in forepart of Climanova where all the clients and employees get to park for free. The edifice has a modern design with black and gray colourss. a batch of Windowss. large office infinites. two floors. a large tiffin country and an lift. From the physical layout we can state that the edifice is handicap friendly. the set up is really big which tells us that Climanova wants to affect its clients by their organisational capablenesss. The large Windowss and office infinites show that Climanova values its employees and wants to make a positive work environment. The value that the organisation has within the edifice is orderliness. cleanliness and safety.

The Symbols:

The values that are highlighted are communications. cooperation ( teamwork ) and coordination. The logo consists out of the colourss blue and orange. Blue stands for H2O. because the company revolves around H2O. Orange is the colour of the Dutch land. On the edifice there is a large logo displayed with the name of the company. Besides every employee has jumpers. jackets. shirts and bloomerss with the logo and about every employee has his ain new wave or auto with the logo of the company displayed. The company has developed particular concern cards. write. paper. gifts and booklets with the logo. The employees’ demands are emphasized. One of the employees is handicapped and the company made the whole edifice disability friendly. Smoking inside and stealing are actions that are prohibited within the organisation ; therefor the CEO has set up an understanding with its employees. The motto of Climanova is ‘Not merely air conditioning’ . which distinguishes them from other organisations. There are no artefacts displayed within the company. The Wordss:

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The organisation addresses its employees really professional. Employees are addressed with official concern rubrics. like CEO. architectural interior decorator. caput of production. etc. This tells us that the company is really professional and organized. The narrative that is repeated a batch is the narrative of how the company got started. how it grew from a little office in a place to a planetary organisation. These things tell us that the company values harmoniousness. unity. trueness and invention. The Policies and Activities:

The authorities has created official Torahs that organisations have to follow within their company. Climanova values these Torahs really much. which shows regard for the Individual. If employees work hard they get a fillip at the terminal of the twelvemonth. Rituals are of import in the company. there is a address at the terminal of the twelvemonth and twice a twelvemonth there’s a particular event for the employees where they go and have a barbeque or dinner party. to value the squad edifice.

Question 2. Global Management.
Find two current illustrations of each of the ways that organisations go international ( planetary sourcing. import/export. licensing/franchising. strategic confederation. joint venture and foreign subordinate ) . Describe how these companies operate globally. Please usage appendix for back uping certification.

Global sourcing
-Different IT personnel that are working for a company presently have people in India and Ireland that are working for them. -In the fabric industry it has been common for old ages that the industries for the fabric are largely settled in South East Asia. illustrations of these are China and Indonesia. For both of these illustrations the ground is that the rewards are manner lower in the states mentioned above than they are in the states where the organisations have their central offices.

Import / Export
-The Aalsmeer Flower Auction is the largest auction in the universe. Daily 1000000s of flowers are traded with states all over the universe. A batch of flowers are brought to the auction every twenty-four hours ( import ) and at the same clip a batch of flowers are sold to other states ( export ) . -Different parts of an mp3 participant are made in a certain state. these are exported to another state where they are assembled and exported as a full merchandise.

Licensing / Franchising
-You can purchase a McDonalds franchise. With this you can purchase the rights to utilize the trade name name “McDonalds” . Therefor McDonalds will supply you merchandises and will take attention of advertisement. -You can purchase a Microsoft licence. With this you can utilize their package on your ain trade name computing machine and won’t have to develop package yourself. This manner a batch of people will be familiar with the Microsoft package and will be the same for most trade names of computing machines. Strategic confederation

-Call of Duty ( Modern Warfare 3 ) is a picture game made by the companies: Activision. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games chiefly have worked on the development of the game. while Activision was responsible for the publication of the game. The companies all stay independent. though they worked on a undertaking together. -For the three really indistinguishable autos: Citroen C1. Peugeot 107 and the Toyota Aygo the companies PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Toyota Motor Corporation have each done their ain portion of research and development. With all the cognition of these companies combined they came up with the thought of the three above-named autos. However the fabrication of the autos is done in their ain production workss.

Joint venture
-PSA Peugeot Citroen is the cooperation of the two auto companies Peugeot and Citroen. which make both cars and bikes. These are both sold under the Peugeot and Citroen trade names. -Sony Ericsson is a 50/50 joint venture between the Nipponese electronics maker Sony and the Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson. They originally both made their ain telephones. but don’t make phones separately any longer since they’re together. In this joint venture they used Sony’s knowledge/research of consumer electronics and Ericsson’s cognition of nomadic engineering to do
merchandises together.

Foreign subordinate
-Cartoon Network is a overseas telegram telecasting web that broadcasts animated shows. It’s a subordinate company of Time Warner. which is a transnational media corporation with their central offices in New York City. Cartoon Network’s central offices itself are stated in Atlanta. Georgia and Los Angeles. California. -Warner Bros. is a manufacturer of movie. telecasting and music industry. Besides this company is a subordinate of Time Warner. Warner Bros. has its chief central office in Burbank. California. Warner Bros. is largely celebrated in the film/television industry ; most of their rubrics have been seen all over the universe.

Question 3. Social Responsibility and Ethics – Please read the instance application: Lessons from Lehman Brothers: Will We Ever Learn? ( p. 175 ) . Answer all five of the treatment inquiries on page 176.

1. Describe the state of affairs at Lehman Brothers form an moralss position. What’s your sentiment of what happened here?

-There is no uncertainty that the ruin of a elephantine Wall Street company like the Lehman Brothers would hold affected negatively a great figure of people – costumiers. employees. etc. This is why we think that such companies should be really precise with finding their ethical issues’ strength and seeking to repair the jobs on clip – before they turn into something bigger and more unsafe. A socially responsible behavior like this could be expected from a house with high moral criterions which is interested in the public assistance of all its stakeholders. But unluckily this was non the instance with the Lehman Brothers company. where the civilization. the rewarding system and the leading as whole. seem to hold been a complete pandemonium. Apparently the stockholders of the company tended to move venally and egoistically. and actions among the employees such as undue hazard taking or questionable trades doing were encouraged and good accepted.

2. What was the civilization at Lehman Brothers like? How did this civilization contribute to the company’s ruin?

-“Our mission is to construct matchless partnerships
with and value for our clients. through the
cognition. creativeness. and dedication of our people.
taking to superior consequences for our stockholders. ”
Whis was the mission statement of the Lehman Brothers company. but in footings to arouse of such a prostration. they might hold non sticked to it. This means that there was small or no conection between the stated and shared values and the existent bahaviours in the company. which is a mark for a weak organisational civilization. Besides the defects. that we alredy mentioned in the reply to the old inquiry. are adequate to reason that the company was more outcome oriented and therefore the directors focused more on the the concluding consequence instead than how it was achieved. which might hold led to copromizes with the organization’s values and morality.

3. What function did Lehman executives play in the company’s prostration? Were they being responsible and ethical?

-Lehman executives played a deciding function in the company’s clang. Harmonizing to Valucas. they have worsened the company’s jobs with their negligent behaviour. Although they claim that the company’s ruin is non their mistake and they blame it to all sort of external factors. that still doesn’t convince us in their artlessness and is more likely to do us believe that they have this ‘self-serving’ prejudice which means that they likely were that sort of directors tht are taking speedy recognition for success and are faulting the others for their ain failure.

4. Could anything hold been done otherwise at Lehman Brothers to forestall what happened?

-Maybe if the company’s civilization. values. attack of running the company and etc. were different in a positive manner. . We are non stating that this would hold been 100 % adequate to forestall the failure of the company. because besides its many inside defects. there were some external factors that played a critical function every bit good. But if the company had a strong organisational civilization. for certain this would hold contributed for covering with the crisis or at least would hold softened the effects that followed after the clang.
5. After all the public tumult over Enron and the transition of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to protect stockholders. why do you believe we still continue to see these types of state of affairss? Is it unreasonable to anticipate that concern can and should move ethically?

-All these grandiose clangs of companies that are illustrations for unethical concerns must hold shown us what is the sad terminal of such a company – and Oklahoman or later this is what overtakes them – an unexpected on a first sight dislocation. The difference between them and the companies who act ethically is that the moral concern patterns are more stable. more immune to rough external factors and ususlly have an economic advantage in long tally. while the companies that choose to do their manner in the industry by utilizing frauds and so on. are normally more profitable in short tally. but with a weak organisational civilization and interior construction which makes them more unsastainable to external factors. This is why we do non believe that it is unreasonable to anticipate that concern can move ethically. We think that this is precisely how each concern should work.

* The appendix for some of these illustrations can be found at the beginnings. ( Last page )


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