Global warming is a serious problem that is endangering our life and the life of our planet. The temperature of the earth has reached record levels. The level of CO2 has reached and overcome all the records previously registered. The whole ecosystem is changing. The flowers are blooming in winter, the birds are returning in February. The seasons are changing too. Winter is disappearing, spring is getting hotter and summer is getting longer. A single individual change in life of a single person will not be able to make a difference to our planet, but if all of us decide to change our way of living by becoming more concerned about the environment and the emission levels of CO2 it will make a huge difference to the world overall.

The temperatures are increasing, the ice caps are melting and the sea level is increasing.

All those things are caused by global warming which is caused by human beings. The cars, the fabrics and the oil platforms in the sea are producing so much CO2 that the atmosphere layers are getting more dense so the solar radiations reflected by the sea or the earth are reflected back from the atmosphere layers. These things cause the rise in temperature year after year, the rising temperatures cause the ice caps to melt and because of this the sea level rises. Those factors are damaging the ecosystem of the earth. The problems that the raising of the sea levels can cause are the diminishing of earth areas and the increasing of the water areas. In a world where the population has reached and passed the seven billion peoples this is a huge problem.

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The world population is growing very fast and needs a bigger space to live. If the sea levels are going to rise there will be not enough land for people to live in. The remaining areas of land will not be enough for all. With the melting of the ice caps and the raising of the sea levels the ecosystem will change. The wind and the water currents will change too. These things can destroy the whole of our ecosystem. It can stop the wind and the water to move, because if there is no ice there is no cold water and if there is no cold water there is no water flowing. The same thing will happen to the wind. The hot winds goes to the ice caps and becomes cold wind, the cold winds goes to the equator and becomes hot wind. This cycle has millions of years that goes on, but if the ice caps will melt there will be no ice so there will be no cold winds and the all cycles will stop moving. If there is no ice the temperatures of the earth will start going up.

This disaster can be prevented by lowering the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This can be done by putting new and better filters to the fabrics and to the oil platforms. But those are things that are expensive and can only be done by the government.

We, as single individuals cannot peoples can do thing that will not change something, but if all of us do those things we can really change this thing that is happening. We can use less our cars and more public transportation. We can preserve the energy by turning off all lights when we don’t use them or turning off the heating system when we are not at home. These things are very small that they seem to do not make any difference, but if we all do it we will make a big difference.

This is the only chance we have to save our planet. The preservation of energy might be a bit difficult because we would have to slightly change our way of life, but if we all do it we will save our planet and our life too. This is the only way to save our planet so we have to do it, and don’t think “We have time, we can do it later”, because we don’t have time.


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