Globalization has brought much benefits. and negatives. Its demand for manpower is now much more than what establishments can supply ( Thangavelu. 2010 ) . This article examines the positives and negatives that globalisation brings. so as to profit from it. and discusses how the public assistance of the work force is non compromise. because of it. Singapore’s GDP is among the highest in the universe due to Foreign Direct Investment from transnational corporations ( MNCs ) driving it ( see Appendix 1 ) ( Liew and Mah. 2012 ) . This illustrates the importance of globalisation to Singapore. Local endowments. viz. Jek Tan and Justin Quek. are using globalization to springboard their cookery endowments abroad ( MOF. 2007 ) . Such Acts of the Apostless bring reputation to Singapore and promote the demand to develop local endowments to be globally competitory. From a western position. more occupations are created to developing states evidenced by Canada outsourcing occupations to India and China ( CBC. 2006 ) . But it is damaging to Canadians excessively. as antecedently they belonged to them.

Globalization have advanced cultural sharing and expertness. evidenced by people all over the universe being treated by western medical specialty. and westerners bring forthing Asian-style soldierly humanistic disciplines films and practising yoga. arising from India ( Kulkarni. 2012 ) . Karl Marx’s prognosis of pecuniary issues being precedence over affinity is most evident in Singapore ( Reed. 2006 ) . The competition for market laterality among administrations is more intense now ( Gillespie. Jeannet and Hennessey. 2010 ) . More clip is spent bettering the administration so on household dealingss. therefore pretermiting affinity and bring forthing off springs. Foreign inflow is therefore required to continue economic growing The inflow allows local employers more picks for workers now. This leads to Singaporean employees holding diminishing mean net incomes as employers are unwilling to pay a higher wage ( Goh. 2010 ) . Administrations are now trusting more of foreign workers as a consequence. Older workers in Singapore are besides happening it more ambitious to being employed or are being discriminated against ( Tan. 2012 ) . Their accomplishments are progressively excess due to technological promotions and their cognition is largely relevant to their old occupations ( Weidenbaum. 2003 ) . On the western side. US impressed upon others its cultural manner in the thick of globalization.

Its failure to acknowledge that some states refusal to lose their typical civilizations and embracing western modernness has resulted in bitterness by some spiritual groups. grounds by the 911 terrorist onslaughts ( Gray. 2001 ) . Globalization has encouraged more pollution with the emanation of C dioxide. with US. the world’s largest economic system. breathing 5. 301 million metric dozenss of it. speed uping planetary heating ( Batterson and Weidenbaum. 2001 ) . Japan. the 2nd largest economic system and Germany. 3rd largest. follows behind severally. Travelers from different parts of the Earth working together has transmitted diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS ) . Hand-Foot-Mouth ( HMF ) . Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS ) and assorted unwellnesss. Therefore when the first AIDS virus was detected in the US. it was difficult to follow it back to Africa ( Pillai. 2011 ) . If globalization Michigans. so based on the instance survey. MNCs would retreat its mills from developing states doing infinite workers to be idle and societal ailments will lift ( Wood et al. 2010 ) .

These workers would so turn to condemnable activities and frailties in order to gain their incomes. The touristry industry will worsen excessively. At present. engineering has enabled entree to information and reserve systems. therefore the low cost of air travel ( Peric. 2005 ) . Globalization besides drives authorities bureaus to prolong their touristry sites with the gross earned. Extinction of globalisation would forestall all this and going would come with a premium monetary value. However. if globalisation continues. the negatives from it will increase. Unhealthy fast nutrient ironss will go on to spread out to more states and ingestion of such unhealthy nutrient will increase excessively ( Salisbury. 2011 ) . Sing the planet’s population size and the independence of the economic systems between states. globalisation seems more of import than non. Income inequality exists irrespective. But without globalisation. the economic system will crash all of a sudden and many states will be affected. triping monolithic retrenchments and loss of income for many workers ( Cusack. 2010 ) .

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Hence. globalization is necessary to prolong the economic system. continue natural touristry sites and to distribute engineering expertness and cultural heritage. The pros decidedly outweigh the cons. If globalisation continues. MNCs should obey the criterions of the state. in which their mills are located. They should non coerce their civilization upon others to avoid recoils like 911 and World War 1. Furthermore. it promotes assurance among the workers that they are protected by familiar Torahs and criterions and is non subjected to the western MNCs intervention. which could be harsh on them. MNCs will besides better understand each country’s criterion and avoid unneeded legal proceedings. Employees will so be able to work peacefully without fright of being below the belt treated. A healthy work environment will therefore make high public presentation norms and coherence. taking to better productiveness.


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