Workplace nepotism can threaten positive corporate culture no matter whether it is deliberate or unintentional. Owners or managers of a business who give special treatment to their family members can decrease the morale of the other employees. Dealing with workplace nepotism can be frustrating, especially when the family member lacks adequate employment qualifications (La, M. , 2014).

Mary Smith, daughter of one of the firm’s menders, was recently hired as the administrative assistant. From the beginning employees were unmoved when they found out she was selected for the position. Based on her work performance, Mary does not have the knowledge, skills, or ability to perform the duties of the position she was hired for. She has already, in the past three weeks, not met the deadline on her assignments, important documents have been filed incorrectly, and she spends most of her time socializing with a select few other employees instead of working.

Through personnel selection, organizations make decisions bout who will or will not be allowed to join the organization. Selection begins with the candidates identified through recruitment and attempts to reduce their number to the individuals best qualified to perform the available jobs. At the end of the process, the selected individuals are placed in jobs with the organization (None et al. , 2009, p. 151). This is the procedure Mary Smith should have gone through to get hired. From the perspective of her immediate supervisor, prepare a job description that details the necessary tasks that Ms.

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Smith should perform in her role as administrative assistant. The firm is currently looking for a talented Administrative Assistant to support the firm in an efficient, detail-oriented, and proactive manner. The successful candidate will be responsible for the daily management of the firm activities. Extensive software skills, internet research abilities, and strong communication skills are require, including but not limited to the following: ; Fielding telephone calls. ; Receiving and directing visitors. ; Word processing. Creating spread sheets and presentations. ; Filing and faxing (Officemate, 2014). ; Draft notes and materials for department use. Complex calendar management and coordination. ; Write and edit correspondence. ; Work on projects as needed. ; Schedule meetings and conference calls. ; Prepare meetings and events for both onsite and offset functions. Work within tight deadlines to complete documents and presentations. Prioritize projects and events that need utmost attention Monsoon, D, 2014).

State the steps you would take to resolve this situation if you were her supervisor and how you would or would not include the founder in your communication. As Marry supervisor I would treat her as I would any of the other employees hen it comes down to performance. I would communicate with the founder regarding her poor work habits and then proceed with Marry appraisal. I would sit down with her and go over all of her work habits and give her feedback on what she has done well and what she needs to improve at.

I would first inform her that it is okay to socialize during work hours as long as it doesn’t interfere with her work habits and meeting deadlines. Will have an employee, who is familiar with her duties, mentor and train her on how to file documents correctly, finish assignments on time, and how to work effectively ND efficiently. She will be given three months to improve or she will face possible disciplinary action or termination. It is important that organizations hire the right employees with the right skills in the right places at the right times.

Organizations need to anticipate the kinds of employees they need in terms of skills, work habits, and personal characteristics and time their recruiting efforts so that the best employees have been hired, fully trained, and prepared to deliver peak performance exactly when the organization needs them (Mono & Bottler, 2009, p. 6). Describe the negative and positive effects on a workforce for hiring an unqualified individual who is related to a founder of the company.


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