Goals of Psychology I may be comfortable talking to a friend and okay with speaking in a small group, or class. This is not the case when it comes to making a speech in front of a large group. When faced with the opportunity I have found that I am more than terrified and dread the very thought. Knowing that I am expected to deliver a message to a room full of spectators is enough to make me faint. This feeling of anxiety is brought on by low confidence as a result of procrastination Giving a speech is usually a very nerve wracking experience for me.

Before I open my mouth to speak I begin to experience feelings of anxiety. As I am talking my mouth and a throat become increasingly dry. My voice begins to shake and tremble as my heart races, making it difficult to breathe. My hands develop a hot and sweaty sensation as I try to make something out of nothing, exposing my ignorance to the topic. Our Bodies are created with a defense mechanism in order to keep us alive and out of danger. When I am about to present a public speech I get very nervous. My brain sends the message to my body and assumes it to be a threat.

As a result my protective instinct kicks in and my body reacts by emitting adrenaline into my system. This adrenaline causes my body to experience symptoms of anxiety. As well as frequent pauses, corrections and stuttering. An effect of my lack of knowledge on the subject. One of my biggest problems is not preparing for the speech by doing research on the topic and rehearsing what I know. This causes me to freeze up and stumble over my words when I speak. Nevertheless when I am up front speaking to an audience, whether big or small, I feel anxious. Even if I have studied I still get nervous.

I can predict that I ill be uncomfortable giving speeches for class, at church and Just about anywhere that I am required to be up front speaking. There are a number of things that can help me get my fear of public speaking under control. The first step is to relax. Relaxation is the most effective step to controlling any fear. It helps lower your blood pressure, and bring breathing to a normal rate so that you are able to focus on studying the information. The next step is to look forward to a positive outcome. If I visualize myself giving a successful presentation, I will be motivated to do a good Job.

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The last step is to practice my speech. This is the most important step. If I want to give a perfect presentation I have to have a perfect practice. In order for that to happen I have to constantly go over the speech. When I know what I will be presenting I will be less stressed and more confident in myself. I’m not always comfortable speaking in public, It can be a very challenging experience for me to overcome. I realize now that perfect practice makes perfect. When I visualize my success and invest time, I will overcome this problem.


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