To a certain extent I believe in this statement, although not in all cases. I think that each case should be judged on it’s own merits. There are many ways in which people can die at the hands of other human beings. Indeed, there are also ways in which people can be given life from other humans.

In the case of taking the life of another, I am against this, with the exception of two cases. Firstly, in the case where a woman has become pregnant because of rape or incest. In this case I think a woman should be allowed to have an abortion, but I do not agree with abortion under any other circumstances. I believe that is a violation of human rights if the woman is made endure the nine months of pregnancy and then the pain and stress of labour.

Also the woman would then have to live with the child unless it is given up for adoption. I see this as a better option for the mother, and also for the child as it would be able to grow up in a loving environment. Yet still the fact remains that the mother could be emotionally scarred because of the situation. Secondly, euthanasia or a mercy killing, which I believe to be acceptable if the person who is suffering consents or has consented to their life being ended unnaturally. I would see it as unfair for them to have to endure more pain until the time comes when they do actually die. However, does sickness deserve the death penalty and who has the right to choose whether life is taken or not?

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Regarding all other cases of taking life including war, suicide, genocide, self-defensive, capital punishment I staunchly believe that these are wrong.

In the case of giving life, I am totally against this, I believe that we are all modelled by God in his own likeness and that if someone can create human life without the intervention of God it is wrong. An example of this practice is cloning, where the result is another human being.

The main disadvantage is the fact that the child has no biological mother or father other disadvantages are proved in the case of Dolly the sheep who was a clone and suffered premature aging and other medical illnesses, so there is also a worry of unknown health implications with cloning. I.V.F. (In Vitro Fertilisation) is another example where a woman can be impregnated not through sexual intercourse but by her eggs being injected with sperm cells, usually used for couples who cannot conceive naturally it has got out of hand where it is now possible for a woman to go to a sperm bank and be impregnated by any man’s sperm or she can choose the characteristics of the man who’s sperm she wants. I see both these as morally wrong.

In conclusion, I believe that yes indeed only God has the power to give life and the power to take it away, and essentially we cannot start playing God.


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