Your paper will have three elements: Facts, Issues and Decisions. One page send to me via e-mail as an attachment 1 . Describe the common legal issue raised in the court case assigned. 2. Describe the legal basis tort the court arriving at seemingly different outcomes. 3. Justify the differing outcomes as the correct outcome In the case on the basis of stare decides (legal precedents).

Goldberg V, Kelly court case Is about the termination of welfare benefits to recipient without adequate notice. In 1970, the recipients claimed that the administrators governing welfare programs were terminating welfare benefits to those who were in need without giving them proper notification. One of the common legal Issue was that there were no previous federal or state law implemented to handle this matter with step by step procedures. The recipients were given notification of minimum of seven days and their benefits would terminate.

The option they have is to write a tofu the case or proceed with appealing. After that the recipient has a right to request for a fair hearing. The issue is that there is no proper procedures, not enough days for recipients to respond and are not entitled to a trial instead entitled to an oral hearing before the decision. The issue is that these recipients were in need for food, shelter and medication. While the negotiations and procedures were ongoing they were entitled to receive the benefits.

The court ruled in favor of the recipients, however I believe that there should be few procedures to identify the need and eligibility of the people who need welfare benefits. In today’s era, people can manipulate the system and wrongfully receive the benefits even though they are not “truly’ eligible. The outcome can be quite opposite in today’s world then it was in sass. With the unemployment rate increasing and deteriorating economy there are more and more people trying to collect the welfare benefits.

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