I found my reading of Good To Great by Jim Collins really enlightening and even entertaining. It is interesting to me his constructs and perceptual experiences and how although when you read them they seem instead simple and obvious. Mr. Collins is so an outside the box thinker/writer and it is because of his easiness of explicating his constructs that the message merely comes across as easy. The chief thought that is presented in this book is that “Good is the Enemy of Great. ” At first glimpse I had to re-read the statement to do certain I understood it right.

My immediate response was to understand it as all excessively frequently people. and concern determination shapers. hold a simple end of being good at what they do. Mr. Collins and his research squad were able to pare that thought down to a smattering of constructs that although many have the perceptual experience are good. but don’t clear up their exact ends of illustriousness. The first construct of Good To Great was Level 5 Leadership. Companies may hold great merchandise. great gross revenues. great selling. etc. but what makes them better than Good?

What makes takes them to the Great degree? Their Leadership. During the research of this book Mr. Collins and his squad identified multiple features these leaders had that lead their company above and beyond merely the Good position. Of these the common factor I understood was that of humbleness and giving recognition to his environing forces. Keeping the focal point off of “look what I did” but instead maintaining the focal point off them. but at the same clip taking duty for the errors of the company as a whole that they were in charge of looking after. These personalities besides showed a great degree of committedness and trueness to their companies and tended to hold been promoted from within.

Therefore holding a steadfast apprehension of the civilization of the company and cognizing a long term end of the company. Second the book introduced the construct of “First Who. Then What” . I related this construct to the phrase “Trimming The Fat” . Great leaders realize that if you’re merely every bit good as your support. than you better acquire the right support in the right topographic points. The Flat 5 Leader would hold to happen those that could take every bit good. If you have the right minds and determination shapers in the right places. so the “what” could be figured out.

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By holding the right determination shapers from the get travel so the end was already on its manner to Great. By making so you are developing your supports to finally be capable to take your topographic point and transfusing a long term sequence of the company’s ends for great. The following construct given was Confront the Brutal Facts With Unwavering Faith. Expanding on holding placed the right “Who” where it was most good. it is every bit of import to remain focussed no affair the hard clip. The chapter focused on lodging to your guns. holding religion in your company. and seeing the obstruction though.

This once more focused on trueness to the company. As clip goes on and the tough clip regains it’s impulse back into the right way. Problem work outing starts with inquiring the right inquiries. It’s more proactive to take control of our hereafter than being reactive and go forthing the fate up to opportunity. Companies that were able to do it through the ups and downs of success on their manner to Great. Another facet was for these determination shapers to be honest with them and be willing a capable of facing the difficult inquiries that possibly they didn’t want the reply to. But. faced the barbarous facts head on.

Fourth is the “Hedgehog Concept” . This was likely my favourite construct and I think will be the most of import lesson I will take and utilize in my calling way. The comparing was stated. “The fox knows many things. but the porcupine knows one large thing” . I think all excessively frequently it gets confused that if you’re in charge and doing determinations you have to be the most knowing individual in that country. Remember though. particularly in the entirety of the accent of this book. you are non entirely.

In the chapter. Mr. Collins worded his thought this manner. “The Hedgehog Concept is a turning point in the journey from good to great. It typically takes the right people willing to turn to the barbarous facts over an drawn-out period of clip to acquire to the deep apprehension of a Hedgehog Concept. What a great statement. It shows the degree of finding. trueness. and remaining focused that you realize your true One thing. Then you expand on that One thing. It will put you apart from the field and past the Good threshold into the degree of Great! “Culture of Discipline” was the following construct. One once more concentrating on difficult work and remaining focused on your end of exceling into the Great kingdom and non merely remaining at that place but everlastingly raising the saloon.

Mr. Collins focused on the thought the in this sense subject as a system. It involves the company in it’s entireness and doing certain the companies “culture is filled with people committed to train in maintaining to the criterions. Each of these constructs physiques on the one before it and this one is no different. Staying true to his “Hedgehog Concept” Mr. Collins besides introduces his “Three Circles” construct. By concentrating on maintaining a Discipline in the company. it will assist maintain those involved with their oculus on the award of being able to happen that one thing to be great at and to remain on top.

Technology Accelerator was the thought to non allow engineering go a crutch of kinds. Technology is like any other tool and if used properly it will help you in your success and acquiring here faster or with easiness. Again. edifice on the construct before it besides emphasizes to remain with your Hedgehog circles and maintaining focused on them. Technology will non do you the best or most disciplined. It is a tool and should be used to speed up your impulse into the right way of your company’s ends. non be the Godhead of the impulse.

Last “Flywheel and Doom Loop” was used to follow up. It’s a focal point on being able to place any and all facets that take you off from the old constructs. You should ever be looking for ways to better and remain in front of the battalion. The universe of concern is of all time altering which keeps the saloon dividing Good from Great of all time traveling every bit good. Complacency is a “Good” trait. Having a system of cheque and balance working together with a cleansing house outlook will assist to maintain your company above that saloon.


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