I now understand the importance of the Good life opposed to the “Good’s Life”. The good life is basically going through life questioning things and self-examining yourself the goods life Is basically a materialistic life which most people want to live today. Plato was a Greek philosopher and one of the students of Socrates. You probably remember learning a little about him from Mr.. Summer’s global history class. Plato wrote the Apology In which he gave his version of the speech that Socrates gave at his trial. Socrates was a philosopher and was known as the father of western philosophy.

Socrates was put on trial by Athens and was charged with corrupting the youth, not believing in the gods of the state and believing in his own gods. In the apology Socrates says “and if I say again that the greatest good of man Is daily to converse about virtue, and all that concerning which you hear me examining myself and others, and that the life which is unexamined is not worth living” (The Apology). I know that you might be thinking what the ideas of these people who died centuries ago matter, but they still are very important and can help us live the good life.

In that tote Socrates was saying that we should carefully analyze our actions. We should take a look at our past and present life to see if there has been any change or growth. When we examine our life we can learn from makes that we have made and that will help us to progress. The quote is very harsh and it does not mean if you do not examine your life you should Just die but without the thorough examination of life, It is almost worthless. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and the student of Plato. Aristotle strongly believed in the good life over the goods life.

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Aristotle wrote The Ethics which mainly poke of how men should live life. Aristotle believed that people should be generous to other and that life was not about how successful you are or how much money you have. Aristotle believes that through virtuous acts and virtue ethics people can achieve demoniac. Virtue is the good and admirable qualities in a person. Virtue ethics Is “the ethical theory that focuses on the moral quality of individuals rather than their actions” (482) I know that you are probably wondering what Is demoniac. Well demoniac basically means achieving true happiness. Now you believe that paving the newest clothes and lots of money will bring happiness but it is not it find a balance between extremes which is called the golden mean. I’m not saying that you can’t buy expensive clothing but it should not be your main purpose in life. You can also use some of the money that you would spend on clothing and give it to charities and people who are less fortunate. Aristotle said “it is evident that happiness must be placed among those that are desirable in themselves, and not among those that are desirable for the sake of something else: for happiness lacks nothing; it is sufficient in itself. The Ethics). If you are truly interested in bettering yourself, living virtuously and questioning your actions you can achieve happiness. I remember when you and I used to wait on line for Cordon’s when they were released at footlocker and we used to go to school Monday and people would look at us in amazement because we always had the new Cordon’s. Even though we had the newest sneakers we were not truly happy because we were Just buying the sneakers to try and impress others even though we were the ones waiting in line and spending hundreds of dollars that cost less than five dollars to make.

In my Philosophy class we looked at graphs that proved although Americans have become increasingly materialistic they have not become happier. One of the graphs was entitled “Percentage of college freshman responding Very important or essential to”. The graph showed that as the year’s progresses from 1975 college students believed that it was more important to be well off financially than to develop a meaningful philosophy in life. Erick I hope that I have enlightened you a little on the true nature from the good life that I have learned from the teachings of Plato and Aristotle.


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