By dispensing the student grants, young students who do come from wealthy families wont have the opportunity to go to college. The measure to dispense the grants was actually taken too impulsive to save money on a short notice. It has not been taken into consideration that as a result, going to college or university becomes less attractive. A college or a university education is quite expensive. Some students have difficulty making ends meet with the student. Most will choose to work sooner, rather than studying. Moreover, abolition leads to greater differences between rich and poor and causes less educated people in the county.

It is much fairer if everyone gets a student grant. If everyone has to pay for college or university themselves, there is a high probability that students from a lower-income family will get less education which leads to lower paid jobs. Students with parents who can afford it, go to college and get a better paying job. F-Rutherford, highly educated people will overtime, produce money for the government. If the government invests in higher education, it gets this money back through additional taxes and contributions. However, there are some students that take advantage of the student grants.

If you still live at home, you can get financial help from your parents. Therefore when you live on your own, there is a higher student grant. This could mean that some students who live at home, may take advantage by wrongly stating that they no longer live at home. The students then get more money than they should, which means that the government lends unnecessary extra money. Borrowing money costs money. If the student is abolished, students will have to borrow the money. This means that when they have finished their studies, they have to pay this money back. The loan also consists of interest what a Geiger amount.

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Most students find their study not immediately after a job or can not that amount in a short time save together. This allows the students have once been a debt when they finish their studies. Conclusion, the student grant is required to give students a future. If this is abolished, many students will not continue studying after high school and there will be less educated people. This is only detrimental to the country. It is true that the government has to cut back on its expenses, but there is still a discussion going on whether or not the education has to be a part of this.


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