One of the leading global corporations that incorporate KM within their company is Google Inc. The corporation has been dominating as the world’s most valuable brand for the last four years, until Apple Inc. overtook them in May 2011. Google began in March 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph. D. students at Stanford, working on the Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP). The SDLP’s goal was “to develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library”.

Their research project, titled “BackRub”, made use of a program that followed the links in a webpage and analyzed all the results produced. In 1997, the duo registered their program under the domain google. com and by 1998; Google became an official privately corporation. Nowadays, Google Inc. is a global technology leader determined to unify the world’s information and make it universally accessible and beneficial to people.

With its widespread investigation on automated search algorithms and using the latest technological innovations, Google quickly established itself as the leading search engine on the Internet and as one of the most recognized brand in the world. While other search engines kept adding more popup advertisements on their homepages, Google focused solely on consumer satisfaction, ensuring them security and allowing them to produce relevant results on what they are looking for. In contrast, their competitors (Yahoo, Microsoft) flood their search engines with various elements that, at times, become an unwanted distraction.

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Google has a simple user interface that boasts of classic elegance and instantly sends a message to their user stating they are here to give you exactly what you want. Google’s success has come as a direct result of concentrating on people’s needs. Co-Founder and CEO of Google Inc. Larry Page stated his search engine has always focused on precision, accuracy and speed. As technologies advance, completely changing the face of the web, Google Inc. continues pushing their limits to provide the best of customer satisfaction and they have noted down ten core principles that they abide to.

The most important one being, “focus on the user, and all else will follow”. Google does it best to ensure providing the most satisfying user experience possible, putting the needs of their consumers at the top. To practice these principles not only requires a clear dedication towards the company but effective use of Knowledge Management to find out about the latest trends and needs of the consumer, and to guide their employees in the correct direction of achieving their goals.

Google used its Knowledge Management to understand and identify their consumers’ mind-set, finding out the most positive method to market their brand. Google realizes the importance of a brand image allowing its consumers to quickly identify the products and understand it instantly. From their research, Google concluded that they could appeal to a wider audience if they kept the term “Google” which was already quite popular courtesy of their search engine, and branch out into a variety of different products (GoogleCalendar, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, etc).

For any company to become and remain successful, they have to adapt the rapidly evolving environment. The key to success is by keep producing new and improved creations to stay ahead of their competitors. Google hires the best people from all over the world who have a broad experience and even non-traditional talents, paired with a creative environment that resembles partly like a college campus and partly like a playground an individual’s enthusiasm and creativity to blossom.

Google keeps up with the modern trends. It is always checking into the latest technological upgrades, and the ever-increasing demands of their consumers. By hiring a competent highly skilled taskforce, Google continues producing innovations, learning from failed ones, and revamping their methodology to best appeal their consumers. This is one of the key strategies behind Google’s success.


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