Some of the advantages of unitary government are the smaller government, and simpler management of an economy. It can be more efficient in using its tax dollars, since there is fewer people trying to get the money. A couple disadvantages are it has slow government responses and easily loses track of local issues. Unitary governments can get bloated and bogged down because of its huge bureaucracy. Some of the advantages of federal government Is the fact that It practices pragmatism, which helps states and local officials fix the problems In their direct area.

Federalism prevents tyranny and ensures the separation of powers. State governments will still function Independently, even If one person took control of all three branches of the federal government. But through all of this, It leads to a lack of accountability. Overlapping of boundaries among national and state governments make It tricky to assign blame for failed pollens. Some of the advantages of the confederate governments is that It keeps the power at local levels. This prevents the growth of a large central government.


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