According to Webster dictionary, democracy is a system of the government by the Manhole population of a state, typically through elected representatives. This requires the government to listen to their people, not to have full power. The definition that I provided clearly stated that democracy is a system of the government by the whole population of a state, typically through elected representatives.

In easier words, democracy is the world where citizens are the owner. However, when government gets too powerful, the government will take over and it turns out to be a dictator society, not a democratic society. According to John Locke, one of the philosophers stated that the government should be there in order to protect people’s natural rights such as people’s liberty. Freedom of speech is the one inherent right that are given to each individual.

We have to continue following John Lockers point of view, or else we have to listen to Thomas Hobbler’s point of view where the government can take all of the individual rights from each people In that society. This is going against the democratic principle that we live in. According to downfall. Com, there about 54% of US citizens claimed that modern day government gets too powerful. The percentage of citizens who claims are highly Increasing each year.

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This evidence tryingly shows several ideas. The first Impression we get from this evidence Is, the US government Is over using their power to censor Information over their limits. Limitation of the government provides more harm so therefore supporting a full democratic society will produce less harm. The primary obligations a democratic government Is to respect people’s Individual rights. The government Is not doing their duty If they censor or Limit freedom of speech.


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