Why did the Texas constitution establish a plural executive?
There was suspicion of a strong chief executive
The Texas governor has all of the following legislative powers except the power to
break tie votes in the Senate.
In Texas, which officer in the plural executive is not elected by voters?
the secretary of state
Which office is charged with ensuring the accuracy of official weights and measures?
the Department of Agriculture
When the Texas governor strikes out particular spending provisions in an appropriations bill, it is called
a line-item veto
In Texas, the plural executive is held accountable through all of the following except
appointment by the governor.
The chief lawyer for Texas is the
attorney general
Which state office was eliminated in 1996?
state treasurer
What is the purpose of the Sunset Advisory Commission in Texas?
It reviews state agencies every twelve years to see if they are still needed.
What is the most significant and far-reaching of the Texas governor’s powers?
the power to appoint boards and commissions
Which of the following is not a qualification a person would need to be a viable candidate for governor of Texas?
born in Texas
In Texas, if a sitting governor is unable to hold office due to impeachment and conviction, resignation, or death, who becomes governor
the lieutenant governor
Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor’s military powers?
The governor can declare martial law during a natural disaster.
The governor of Texas has
few formal powers, so the office is one of the weakest chief executives in the United States.
Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor’s exercise of senatorial courtesy?
The governor will not appoint someone to office unless that appointee’s state senator agrees.
What is the ultimate check on the governor?
The ______ is the oldest state agency in Texas.
Land Office
For a Texas governor, what is the benefit of a post-adjournment veto?
The legislature is prevented from overriding it.
What is the primary task of the Texas secretary of state?
to handle elections and voter registration
What is the most important function of the Texas governor’s staff?
to keep the governor informed about problems and issues
Which of the following about the lieutenant governor in Texas is incorrect?
The lieutenant governor is a full member of the Texas Senate.
The Texas State Board of Education is responsible for all of the following except
funding public school districts.
Almost one-half of the attorney general’s employees are involved in what government task?
collecting child-support payments
The Department of Public Safety is responsible for all of the following except
animal and insect control.
In Texas, why are gubernatorial elections held in off years?
so that gubernatorial elections will not be influenced by a presidential election
In Texas, what is the most important power of the state comptroller?
estimating tax revenues for the legislature
In Texas, what is the primary effect of a plural executive?
It dilutes the power of the governor and fragments the executive branch.
What makes the greatest difference between strong and weak governors of Texas?
the differences in personality
Who was the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction, and when was he or she elected?
William Clements in 1978

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