Enzymes are a type of protein produced by a living organism used to catalyst chemical reactions in cells. These reactions allow the cell to build things or take things apart as needed in order to grow and reproduce. How do enzymes work – in steps 1) Substrate floats near enzyme 2) Substrate and enzyme connect – which breaks it into products 3) Products are released Breakfast & Co. ‘s use of enzymes The company uses many different types of enzymes in the bread making process such as malt and fungal alpha-amylase.

Amylase is used to break down starch and produce small Dexedrine for the yeast to act – which is needed to make bread rise. (Hayes and Laudanum, 2009) Enzymes also help obtain an even crumb structure, dough improvement, and result in a higher loaf volume (Menopause). Bread making companies from around the world chooses to use enzymes ultimately to speed up production time – which is crucial to any business. The use of malcontent alpha- amylase improve shelf-life of products which prevent staling and saves in remonstration and fuel expenses due to a more effective dispersal (Bookies, 2007).

Where the enzyme originates The enzyme amylase is present in human saliva, which is necessary for the chemical process of digestion. It is also produced in the pancreas (alpha amylase) to hydrolysis dietary starch into smaller particles which are converted by other enzymes to glucose to provide energy needed in the body (Wisped). Plants and a few bacteria also produce amylase. What is produced when using this enzyme Breakfast & Co. Offers a variety of cuisine breads that are delectable.

With the usage of amylase, the company creates breads such as bread, sweet buns, sweet bread, and many other yeasted types of bread. How company processes Witt the enzyme The company’s production process begins with the dough consisting of the flour, water, yeast, salts and other ingredients such as sugar and fats (Menopause). As the dough is formed, yeast works on the fermentation sugars, turning them into alcohol and carbon dioxide, causing the dough to rise (Bookies, 2007).

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Amylase are then used to degrade the main component of wheat flour, starch. Small Dexedrine are produced. Malcontent alpha-amylase is used to modify starch as it starts to gelatin to give it an even better anti-staling effect, also, giving the bread a softer and more elastic crumb. A large network holding the gas in formed by gluten is improved with other enzymes which improve the quality of the final products. Citations “Amylase – Wisped, the free encyclopedia. ” Wisped, the free encyclopedia. N. P. , n. D. Web. 28 seep. 2011..


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