As a HNC Health Care pupil I am required to supply grounds of the undermentioned principal purposes and aims: to incorporate cognition. theory and pattern. to develop and use a wide cognition and accomplishments and to hold an single patient/client focal point in my pattern. To accomplish all of the above I am required to finish undertaking in a signifier of Graded Unit which consists of three phases: planning. development and rating.

After audience with my work experience wise man and lead talk ( appendix 1 and 2 ) it was agreed. the undertaking will be a nursing activity. weighing a patient. which will be carried out within an ambulatory attention scenes which is my current arrangement. This will take topographic point on Monday the 22nd of April. The chosen activity is a portion of the patients’ intervention attention program and its purposes keeping patient’s safety related to rectify medicine disposal every bit good as to observe possible side effects associated with pharmacological intervention. In conformity with applicable jurisprudence ( Data Protection Act 1998 ) and to keep patient confidentiality and privateness the name of the patient has been changed. I will be mentioning to the patient as Cinderella. The patients’ personal information had been obtained with her consent and cognition ( NMC Code of Conduct 2008 ) .

Cinderella is a 26 old ages old patient go toing the Peter Burnt Centre at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where she has been having Hepatitis C ( HCV ) intervention since November 2012. Cinderella lives entirely in high rise block of flats in one of Aberdeen City Council estate. She left school at the age of 16 with no makings and used drugs for several old ages. She was brought up by individual parent – her female parent. and has no siblings. With the aid from local drug rehabilitation squad she managed to halt utilizing drugs for five old ages. Presently she works as a housekeeper on a portion clip bases in one of the hotels in the metropolis Centre. Recently. she has reduced the figure of working hours due to the side effects of medicine which make her feel really tired. She besides complains of an disquieted tummy and deficiency of appetency. After holding a confab with Cinderella she has told me that her societal life and circle of friends is rather limited as her income is now much lower. She besides mentioned that is quiet hard to do new friends while you have drug usage history.

When talking to Cinderella it became apparent to me that being HCV positive makes her feels worse than others and reminds her of when she was utilizing drugs. It is good evidenced that people who have both ; history of drug usage and disease which can be sexually transmitted such is HCV. are likely to see stigma and favoritism in their life ( Gilman 1999 ) . Stigma and favoritism are socioeconomic factors which have a detrimental wellness. societal and fiscal effects ( Nursing Standard 2008 ) . It is believed that those who are stigmatised and discriminated are more likely to hold a lower income and due to this can non afford to buy better quality nutrient. better lodging. live in safer environments and have worse entree to healthcare and instruction. Cinderella’s low socioeconomic position and negative societal attitudes obviously put her physical and mental well-being at hazard. Stigma and favoritism may associate to Social Symbolic Interaction Theory and in peculiar to the thought of labelling and its negative impact on people behaviour and self- construct ( Miller J. Gibb S 2007 ) .

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This would besides suit with Carl Rodgers Person- Centred Theory and his thought of self- construct. Self –concept in other words is how we perceive and value our ego. Rogers believes that worlds need a positive environment to accomplish fulfillment in their lives. In Cinderella’s instance both her socioeconomic position and unfavourable societal attitudes may do her feel negatively about herself and halt her from societal integrating. I besides believe that Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be applied to the patient state of affairs. Harmonizing to this psychological position every individual is motivated by their demands and can non accomplish his/he full potency ( self-actualization ) if some of these are non met.

I feel that this may associate to Cinderella’s safety. love and properties demands. Limited societal contacts. stigma and fright caused by her unwellness may halt her from traveling on to the following degree personality development. To back up people in similar to Cinderella’s fortunes the Scots Government launched the Hepatitis C Action Plan in 2006. The purpose of this policy is to better wellness attention services for people populating with HCV and to undertake HCV- related societal stigma. by lifting public consciousness and altering the manner HCV is portrayed in media.

I have decided to utilize Roper Logan and Tierney 12 activities of day-to-day life ( A DLs ) to asses Cinderella’s demands. The ground for this is that I find it to be the nursing theoretical account which is really effectual in measuring basic twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities which have its ain importance to the endurance of life ; besides it follows the aims of my ranked unit. For the intent of this undertaking I will concentrate on keeping safe environment in relation to Cinderella’s HCV antiviral therapy. Cinderella had been referred to Peter Brunt Centre at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by her GP due to the consequence of blood trial which revealed Hepatitis C antibodies. After a figure of blood trials and liver biopsy Cinderella had been diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C with genotype 1 and mild liver harm. HCV is a disease caused by blood – borne virus Hepatitis C. which infects the liver and causes its redness ( British Liver Trust 2010 ) . The term chronic describes illnesses that last for a long period of clip ( more than six months ) or for the whole life. The liver is an organ which is a portion of the digestive system and carries out legion of import jobs’ such as ; detoxification. helping digestion or pull outing foods.

These play a critical function in care of equilibrium of the organic structure internal environment. known as a homeostasis. Due to protract liver redness scaring of liver tissue occurs ( fibrosis ) and lasting liver harm is likely to happen ( cirrhosis. liver malignant neoplastic disease ) . As a consequence liver work capacity become impaired and the whole organic structure may go poisoned ( WHO 2011 ) . There are several effectual HCV intervention options available nevertheless none of them gives a one hundred per centum warrant. Nevertheless. adequately matched therapy can for good unclutter the virus from blood and prevent liver from farther harm. Cinderella after audience with liver specializer physician and liver specializer liver nurse decided to undergo HCV intervention known as a ‘triple therapy’ which is recommended by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence ( NICE ) The effectivity of intervention among other factors lay in an equal dose and continuance of medicine consumption.

Both excessively low or excessively high dose every bit good as side effects of medicine may negatively impact Cinderella’s physical wellness and set her life at hazard. To keep the patient safety it was agreed that Cinderella will be sing PBC every Monday for blood trials and weight cheques. To guarantee Cinderella’s safety I will follow appropriate NHS processs and policies ( NHS Procedure guidelines: Weighing the patient 2008 ) in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act ( 1974 ) . To execute chosen activity I will necessitate specific resources which I listed in Appendix 3 and project timescale ( see Appendix 4 ) . I have obtained consent from a different patient who is besides sing PBC this twenty-four hours if for some ground I will non be able to finish it with Cinderella.


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