This system is a complex subject that involves philosophical. pedagogical. and matter-of-fact issues for all pupils. We all have our ain thoughts of how classs should be assigned. and what they should state us about the student’s public presentation. This rating system remainders on the premise that the degree of pupil public presentation will non change much from category to category.

In this system the teacher normally determines the per centum of pupils assigned each class. although it may be determined ( or at least influenced ) by departmental policy. All information supplied to the National Statistics Office is treated as purely confidential. This information is used entirely in the digest of statistical studies. No information on single returns can be given to any external populace or private entity.

The National Statistics Office ( NSO ) is the major statistical bureau responsible in roll uping. roll uping. sorting. bring forthing. publication. and circulating all-purpose statistics in the Philippines. It coverings of countries from Leyte specially tacloban. capoocan. abuyog. etc. The chief aim of this paper is to suggest an effectual and friendly used rating system in DATAMEX. It shows the concluding classs of a pupil and the calculation of the class both midterm and finals.

This proposal helps the pupil to be cognizant to their class if he/she is failed or go through the particular subject The National Statistics Office ( NSO ) was foremost called the Bureau of the Census and Statistics ( BCS ) under Commonwealth Act. No. 591 approved on August 19. 1940. The BCS was created to consolidate statistical activities of the authorities under the executive way of the President of the Philippines. Transferred to the BCS were the powers. maps and responsibilities of the Statistics Division of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce ; Civil Registry Division of the National Library ; and Statistics Division of the Bureau of Customs.

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Besides transferred to the BCS were the forces. equipment. unspent appropriations. records. paperss. supplies and other belongings upon or prior to the completion of the nose count taken in conformity with the proviso of C. A. 170. the act making the Commission of Census. On January 1. 1941. the BCS was transferred ( under Executive Order No. 392 ) to the so Department of Trade. Presidential Decree No 418 issued on March 20. 1974 reconstituted the BCS into a new bureau known as the National Census and Statistics Office ( NCSO ) under the administrative supervising of the National Economic and Development Authority ( NEDA ) .

In 1987. by virtuousness of Executive Order No. 121 entitled “Reorganizing and Strengthening the Philippine Statistical System and for Other Purposes” . the NCSO was renamed National Statistics Office ( NSO ) under the administrative supervising of the Office of the President. Executive Order No. 149 dated December 28. 1993 was issued by the Office of the President entitled “Streamlining of the Office of the President” . By virtuousness of this order. the NSO was placed once more under the administrative supervising of the NEDA for effectual policy and plan coordination and integrating.

Executive Order No. 5. approved on October 23. 1999 is the most recent development. It mandated the “Strengthening of the National Statistics Office” . The order strengthens NSO through decentalisation of statistics coevals activities. transmutation of Central Office Units into more developmental planning and rating units. and increased application of information engineering in its operations to expeditiously and efficaciously execute its mandated maps.

1. Be at that place any significance between the manual scaling systems to the computerized scaling system? 2. Is Manual rating system gives more accurate. efficiency and easy to utilize than the computerized scaling system? 3. Is manual rating system makes the undertaking easier and less devouring of clip than the computerized scaling system? Hypotheses 1. The computerized scaling system is more significance than the manual as follows: a.

No utilizing of paper and pencil. B. Rush hr entry of classs. c. A slow procedure of recovering and let go ofing of records. 2. All the consequences from the gathered by instructor from the pupils classs has capable to come in efficiency and has a friendly used. The survey limited itself to the workers employed in both nonionized and non-unionized constitutions using 20 more workers that operate in the National Statistic Office.

The chief justification for this pick was to do a comparing of the unionisation inclinations of workers coming from two types of economic systems – one urban and the other rural ; one which has a high brotherhood denseness as against another with a comparatively low brotherhood denseness ; one which is chiefly an industrial economic system and another which is fundamentally agricultural. In this sense. respondents from the Metro Manila stood for those workers coming from the urbanised. industrialized. and extremely nonionized parts of the Philippines. while Ilocos Sur respondents represented workers coming from the rural. agricultural and low brotherhood denseness parts.

It was besides a agency to explicate the non-union phenomenon in visible radiation of the socio-cultural differences of the respondents. one set of workers being composed of assorted cultural groups. and the other preponderantly Ilocanos. It was besides a agency to prove whether rural workers. or in the instance of this survey. Ilocanos. are less interested in unionism and union-joining as they are observed to be thinly nonionized.

Furthermore. the survey focused on an scrutiny of the factors act uponing the leaning to unionise from the point of view of the worker ( intending. an single degree analysis ) and therefore. excluded the survey of direction penchants or brotherhood penchants. One other restriction of the survey was its coverage that made it prone to trying prejudices.

The restriction of the sample to employees working in companies using 20 or more workers left out workers from smaller companies that are potentially organizable ; other cultural groups ( Visayans. Muslims. Cordillerans. Bicolanos. etc. were left out in position of the fact that the range of the survey included merely rRegion 8 ; and the focal point of the survey on the single degree missed some accounts of the determiners of union-joining behaviour that might come from other factors. such as those coming from directors and employers with their perceived anti-union political orientations. the apathy of trade brotherhoods and labour federations toward forming the unorganised workers. in add-on to some other accounts that may come from other possible beginnings. similar authorities industrial or labour dealingss statute law.

It focuses on how the proposed system will be able to lend a batch for the pupils in footings of demoing their classs. And to develop an electronic and advanced system that will let the pupils of DATAMEX to demo their classs and how calculating it.


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