Education builds the industry of commerce; education fuels the continuous search for solutions to problems confronting the society and the world at large; education brings forth the comfort and ease of lives which is much different long time ago; education paned the civilization and ennobled the heart of every man and woman. Hence, with these, we sincerely thank our mentors and parents who are all behind the success of today’s event. We found guidance, friendship, discipline and love. Without you, we have been lost.

Thank you for guiding us, for inspiring us, and or making us what we are today. Because of you, the meaning and essence of education lies in making lives much better than It Is as of the moment. Your gift of learning, is indeed our tool for nation building. Many people are determined to be educated to merely make money out of what had been learned. Some care for distinctions and popularity. Others are for honors and display. All of these are misconceptions. We learn and become educated.

We help and guide those who are not as p privilege as we are. We don’t learn to let people feel that we are superiors and that they are Inferiors. Instead, we learn to be Instrumental In the learning of others. We learn and become educated. Not to show off our degrees, titles nor honors, Instead, to be of service to humanity. Serving people Is the concentration of learning. Therefore, If education’s essence Is truly achieved and Is dwelling In our hearts, lives would be much better and the world would be a better place to live In.

Because, education would encourage us to enrich ourselves not for self-gain but for the unifies of others; It would prompt us to defy mediocrity and would call on us to embrace the culture of excellence; It would cause us to preserve peace, work for prosperity, strengthen unity and serve compassionately. With these at hand, none will be corrupted by wealth, fame and power; none would be care more about titles and positions over quality of work ; none would work for the distinctions of humanity nor for the harm of any life forms; none would compromise virtue and honor.

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Instead all of us will Join our hands together to find ere to diseases – figurative or literal they may be. All of us will work for building and not for the destruction of things. All of us will find pleasure In serving others. All of us will make the most out of life. Hence, to my fellow graduates, above my congratulatory remarks, be reminded off challenge, a challenge that all of us must take, the challenge to allow ourselves to be continuously educated, to be taught further because the life that we are Thank you and may God bless us all!


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