1. Introduction

Piso Net is fundamentally a merge of Personal computer lease and Arcade rental services wherein clients can pay the services by infixing coins to the machine. This machine has been doing rather a bombilation in the metropolis since early 2010. but it’s non merely until late that the endeavor got the attending of business-minded folks. Piso Net is so a feasible beginning of excess income particularly in an country occupied by many people who are possible clients of this sort of concern.

However. there is a job that the research workers observed with the Piso Net industry refering the deficiency of tracking and monitoring of the entire income per Piso Net machine. Unlike the typical cyberspace coffeehouse out at that place. they have cyber cafe package that enables an internet coffeehouse concern of any size to track and proctor clients. charge and of class their income.

Consequently. the research workers are seeking to help this job by developing a sort of system that would assist little business communities to track and supervise their income. This system is gettable. operable. simple and really easy to utilize that even the non computing machine literate users can run it. Besides. the files on income are really organized that you can track any record of it in any twenty-four hours. month or even twelvemonth.

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As stated above. the system’s graphical user interface is user friendly. This system will certainly assist business communities in obtaining precise. accurate and organized files. There is no internet connexion required for this system to run. Its security and dependability is really good since the unauthorised forces are non allowed to utilize and change the information that are recorded.

2. Statement of the job

The deficiency of monitoring and tracking the income of a Piso Net machine has been the job observed by the research workers. So in order to help this job. there is a demand to develop a system that would assist little business communities of Piso Net. Through this system. the business communities will cognize what and where his/her income is. Besides. business communities will hold accurate. precise and organized files of their income so it will do the concern more productive. The system will make all work with respects to monitoring and trailing of income and that makes the concern more good.

3. Objective of the survey

Helping the observed job by developing a system that would assist little business communities is the chief aim. Through this system the proprietors will hold an efficient and organized income records. This system would likely work out the quandary of the Piso Net machine proprietors.

4. Scope and Restrictions

The research workers merely focused on the monitoring and trailing of income per Piso Net machine so the system will be on the computation of the monthly and annual entire income. The system will besides expose the disbursals sing excess services like printing and nightlong rents. All rental minutess such as Personal computer per Personal computer lease rates are non included merely the entire income sing that month and twelvemonth is accounted.

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