Flag question Question text Mr.. Gates has successfully addressed the concerns of the faculty Committee and submits an approved draft of the thesis for Oral Defense. Who authorizes the student (Mr.. Gates) to undertake the Oral Defense? Select one: a. Faculty member b. Committee Chair c. Program director d. Course guide Question 13 Research methodology defines what the activity of research is, how to proceed, how to measure progress, and what constitutes success.

What is made clear when research methodology is implemented in a project? Select one: a. Feasibility b. Retrospective c. Reason for choosing a particular method d. Reason for choosing a project Question 19 The Doctorate of Business Administration program is ideal for individuals on a high corporate level who hope to obtain a broad educational and industry related exposure. Identify the specialized skills imparted by the DAB program for problem solving and decision-making in the top management.

Select one: a. Training skills b. Applied research skills c. Communication skills d Management styles Question 32 The science of statistics offers several methods for enlightening and presenting the associations between two and even more variables. The simplest meaner are the methods of graphic presentation and tabulation. Identify another method which can be used for measuring the relationship between variables.


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