According to the student’s survey every year, college textbooks can easily cost more than $1000 a year. Moreover, its price is getting higher and higher due to newer book editions release out every year. It is a big obstacle for students with tight budget. But luckily, there are many great ways to save money on college textbooks. First, buying used textbooks will save a fortune. These books can cost less than new books around twenty-five percent. It is a huge number. In addition, the information is good as new.

Not Just that, you can also benefit from other student’s notes. But be sure to check the ISBN number so you can buy the right one for your class. One disadvantage that an older edition may not same in order as a newer edition. For an example, newer books have many new updates such as new ideas, pictures, problems and etc. Online is a good place to buy used textbooks for even a cheaper price. Again, students can also rent textbooks for a better price. Sites such as Amazon and Half. Com offer good discounts. As a matter of fact, the internet is very convenient for buying books with Just a few clicks.

Large college textbooks such as Science and Math cost hundreds of dollars. Student will save a lot of money by renting in the long run. Last but not least, sharing a book with a friend is another great way to save money. This option may work for another and may not work for others. You must have a roommate who lives with you and willing to take the same course in school. Here is how it works. You and your friends will take same courses but on different days. For an example, you take Science and Math on Monday and Wednesday, but your friend takes same courses on Tuesday and Thursday.

Using this trick will save oh big bucks. Guaranteed! Not to mention that sharing the books has another advantage as well. Since your friend have same courses, you and your friend can study in group together after class. As an old saying “kill two birds with one stone”. This is it. Following the above steps will sure save students a lot of money. During a hard economy, many students don’t have Jobs, and everything is expensive. Saving money is a must skill for every student with tight budget. I hope the government will provide free textbooks in the future so it can cut down the college costs. It would be amazing!

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