The Green Chemistry is a relatively new concept of chemistry that is based on twelve principles created in 1998 and focuses in minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances and wastes. It is also named sustainable chemistry and it is very important because aims to fix, reduce and prevent aggressions made to the environment and to humans during the chemical process.

This is a philosophy that is helping the environment and because of that in the last two decades the chemical pollution has decrease, which is relevant for the nature and the humans. The allowing paragraphs will describe the two articles that use those rules and how they are important. The first one is “Green Chemistry: a design framework for sustainability’, wrote by three authors in 2009, and the second one is “Green Chemistry in perspective-models for GO activities and GO policy and knowledge areas”, which were wrote by Storms in 2005.

In the article “Green Chemistry: a design framework for sustainability’, Beach, Cue and Anastasia exemplify some principles of the Green Chemistry, as the improvement of renewable sources, decrease the production of hazardous wastes and adequate SE of energy and materials. They also state that this concept has increased in the last 20 years and it purpose to get the “triple bottom line – sustainability in economy, social and environmental performance”, although, there is still many challenges to get.

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The article describes these principles and gives many examples of them. It shows how to use the energy efficiently by specific examples in different areas of chemistry, like using different ways of catalysis and alternative solvents in organic chemistry, or using microwave, ultrasound and supercritical fluids in analytical chemistry. Another important goal described for the author is the production of chemical feedstock sustainable by using renewable sources, the use of CA as a one of these source is been reviewed recently.

The authors also state that create safer processes is essential to avoid toxicity surprises and environmental damage. The increase of the use of the Principles of Green Chemistry is because that the reality is beginning to be realized. In the second article, Storms presents two fresh models that make an overview in green chemistry. The first one classifies the green chemistry activities, while the second one is interested about the green chemistry policy and knowledge areas.

The chemicals are a concerning issue for the environment, and they have being thrown in the nature without any preoccupation forever, which claims that create a, sustainable practice of chemistry is so important. Because of that, due the creation of the twelve principles of green chemistry, the number of articles published with the key work “green chemistry’ has increase exponentially in the past five years. The first model cited in the article is the classification model in green chemistry activities, which is vided in three main parts: research activities, management activities and policy activities.

The main point of this model is to design a new behavior in the chemical process, like the use of renewable sources, reactions with alternative solvents or solvent-free and prevent wastes. The second model refers to policy and knowledge areas, which is split in three areas: the green sector, industrial biotechnology and green chemistry principles. The second model is based in the intersection of these three areas and it shows the importance of the use of green chemistry in any industrial process.

In conclusion, the two articles described before have an important knowledge of the concept of sustainable chemistry. They show specific examples of how this concept can be used in laboratories and industrial scale and also explain the importance of the use of this philosophy. The articles are good sources for the essay because they have nice concepts, definitions and examples of the practical green chemistry, but in some points they have limitation, because they have some too specific points that can not be used in the essay, like specific chemical reactions.


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