This new concept known as “Green Chemistry is an idea that started and was introduced in regulatory and business communities. This is the basis of developing pollution prevention actions. Harm to the humans and our own planet has been taken a hit on by a couple of Issues. These Issues have came from us trying to improve medicine, commercial products, and crop protection. We don’t realize the damage these sort of things can do. We try to ignore a lot of these issues, but unfortunately, the three listed could not be disregarded because of the massive-term negative effect it has had.

The contamination that goes Into the natural environment which causes dramatic change, known as pollution, has gagged many of the world’s waterways. Pollution has also caused acid rain. Acid rain can have a harmful effect on infostructure, animals, and even plants. Scientists measured a wide number of holes In the earth’s ozone layer. Surprisingly, even human cancer and some dfferent adverse human and environmental health Issues have been linked to some of the same chemicals that come from crop protection, commercial products, and medicine. think green chemistry is very important.

We need to help make new innovative and efficient sound chemical products, that are environmentally friendly. Then, we need to train are new 21st century chemists with these skills. “The prospect of sharing ideas with others and learning how we might further introduce green chemistry into the curriculum at Widener is one of the most appealing things to me about signing the commitment,” (Dr. Loyd Bastin), said by an associate professor and chair of chemistry at Widener. “There Is no perfect ‘green’ experiment, so we are always working to Improve our laboratory experiments” (Bastln). lleges around the us have been starting to study the green chemistry commintient. Colleges are promising that hopefully all chemistry majors, approaching graduation, have successful proficiency In the green chemistry theory, good application to this, toxicology, and lab skills. Only a few select colleges are offering this, but If you can get your hands on studying this, take advantage of it. This will be a successful way in teaching chemistry, where it could be used by creating a better future. A practicality of this certain implementation Involving green chemistry involves carbon dioxide.

This gas, Is known to be promoted as a solvent that Is sustainable. It Is not flammable, very abundant, and gives off a certainly low toxicity. The use of carbon dioxide has been researched in green chemistry commercialization since 1995. Although, much use of this chemical in a product or process may reduce instead of enhancing overall ability for an encostum to continue to stay productive and diverse. This specific study and implementation will be used to examine the use of carbon dioxide to invent healthier processes and products for the environment.

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They will also be using technology for roducts and processes to appear cleaner, decreasingly cheaper and display higher quality. I dont think this is the way to go, especially if you’re working with green chemistry. In the earth, carbon dloxlde is a major subject of the global carbon cycle within the atmosphere, waters, land, water life, and mineral reservoirs. It is known as 1 OF3 atmosphere. This sends some of the absorbed heat back to the surface of the atmosphere and takes part in global warming.

Carbon dioxide gas portrays about 75 percent of all greenhouse gas in our country. Particles of carbon dioxide often take oll in climate change, also fossil fuel burning, electricity, transportation cars/trucks, cement making, waste burning, and finally natural gas flare ups. We should be getting rid of the idea of using carbon dioxide in our environment, not looking for different/more ways to make it positively affective. This greenhouse gas gets trapped in our environment and cant find its way out. There is no hope for carbon dioxide.

Yes, I get that plants need carbon dioxide to grow, but there is too much of it in our environment. It is not balanced in our environment and is starting to catch up with us, which has caused global warming. This could cause our world in the future to have little to no fresh water and many extinct animals due to their lack of ability to stay alive and adapt to these warm climates. It could also harmfully melt all the icecaps in the world and cause our world to flood! Green chemistry is also being used in a practicality of the making of Nike shoes.

Nike is the number one top supplier of clothing and athletic shoes. A great amount of materials throughout the company goes into the products. Beginning in the 90s, Nike had started being more environmentally friendly and had goals for this. They focused on toxicity during manufacturing of the horrible chemicals. Today, nike has begun using green chemistry in there products. Without compromising performance, Nike has came up and now use a greater environmentally-friendly kind of rubber for its footwear.

They have made this by combining accelerators, different kinds of vegetable oils and even processing chemicals. I think how Nike has utilized this innovative new way in shoes and some of their other products has really split them apart from other athletic apparel companies. This was a great idea! It benefits the customer by wanting to stay co-friendly in as much products as they can get there hands on. Customers are going to want a shoe that is healthier for the environment, rather than one that is not if it is around the same price and consists of the same performance ability.

Through this new evolutionary process, Nike has benefitted greatly, making it such an astute choice. This has allowed their company to invent products and different materials which are aligned with the best and stricketest around the world chemical legislation. Also, to be able to get rid of potential regulatory conflicts in different regions or countries around the world. Finally, it benefits them by saving money on costs associated with waste trash in the global supply chain.

Green chemistry, is the study of reducing hazardous substances and materials in our environment. There are topics of green chemistry that all play an important role in this study, although some of those plans are good and some of them in my opinion aren’t that good of plans for our future environment. One of the scientists’ not so good ideas was to study carbon dioxide and how it can positively affect our environment. On the other hand, scientist of Nike teamed up to create new, more that will generate a better future!


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