Dreams truly do come true! Trees will turn alternatively of foliages in our place to function more households. Feel comfy and relax in our green place.

Eight months ago. we opened our Green HOMESTELLAR in Laguna. This coming December 24. 2012. we are traveling to hold an unfastened house for everyone. and for every household. Since our location is near in Metro Manila. worry no more in transit. Our place is near in Makati. Taguig. and Paranaque where the concern house and endeavors are near ; Green homestellar is besides nigh in schools. colleges and universities.

Feel comfy and relax in our environmental subject. Our place will do you experience that you are in the island that full of trees. and has a fresh air. GREEN HOMESTELLAR is an ideal topographic point to loosen up. You would likely bask dining in the wood carved-walled with trees inside eating house that provides a RELAXING ATMOSPHERE. Cuisines from different parts of the universe are available so. are native daintinesss of the three major islands of the state.

TRILIO. KRISTINE REYES. JAKE CUENCA have been our regular invitee. There are besides Hollywood histrions and actresses like. ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT. We take great pleasance in conveying these sole visual aspects to your attending and are delighted to offer you the chance to populate in our place. We hope you portion our exhilaration about these new place and fall in us. So what are you waiting for? Call now for reserve. Reach the GREEN HOMESTELLAR. Tel no. 09-111-223. The first 10 reserve will acquire 70 % price reduction. Visit and bask the trees inside our HOMESTELLAR!

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