Group:  Mostafa Omar saeedMohamed naboulsi Ibrahim basyouni   Script by: Ibrahim Basyouni                     &                            Omar Saeed Mostafa Sakr                                                         Mohamed.N Location #1- Description: Inside the house of Rapunzel. Rapunzel and her parents are in the bedroom. The mother is lying on bed while Rapunzel and her father are standing in the corner of the room talking to each other. Long long Ago there lived a farmer in a house that overlooked  a big green garden hlived with his wife,without a child . Everyday they prayed to have a baby  and one random day they finally she got  every single day from that moment on they  lived with a happy life but that was too good to be true .  One sad day the wife got ILL and she wouldn’t eat  the husband was scared she would pass away. So he tried to feed her many-things but she would not eat at all. One day they got a letter that  said ‘the only way you will survive is if you get the herb on top off mount twinkies’ ,the farmer promised Rapunzel that her mom would be ok and that she would be safe from all harm . Location #2- Description: Garden of the wicked witch and the mountain.  The next day he started the trip to mount twinkies on the way he had to pass through a garden that was property of the  wicked witch who would not let anyone in the garden but the husband loved his wife so much that he decided to sneak through the garden when  the witch was gone on the way up the mountain the witch caught  the farmer and threatened him that she would take something he loves from him,so she put a curse on the farmer that he should never be able to walk again.Location #3- Description: The Tower where no way in or out without RAPUNZEL’S HAIR  The child was kidnaped by the wicked witch and locked in the tallest magical tower ever made the only person rapunzel ever saw as a grown girl was the witch and the only way inside the tower was using rapunzel’s hair, the witch would come her hair with a magic com that would grow your hair 10 times as usualLocation #4- Description: Window tower through which the witch will throw the prince. The witch would scream “Let down your hair down Rapunzel” and Rapunzel would throw down her hair so the witch would climb it up the tower the witch knew everything about rebunzil except  that she was secretly friends  with the prince , Alas the witch found out and killed the prince. and this is the story of RapunzelCast:Omar: RapunzelMostafa: Prince/Mother Mohamed: Farmer     Ibrahim: Witch DialogueIbrahim basyouni= xxxOmar saeed=xxxMostafa sakr=xxxMohamed el naboulse= xxx  


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