Growing up as a weekly visitor of IKEA Richmond,
I was always impressed by the elegant presentation of your products and the straight-forward
pricing on them. Every week, after Sunday school, I would come to your store,
get a hotdog then look through your displays and try to convince my parents to
buy some furniture. Even though I never ended up buying any furnishings, your
sales staff were always very professional and treated me like royalty. As a
high-school student this was rather refreshing as we are generally ill-received
at most establishments at that age. Now, I finally have the opportunity to
treat the customers as I had been treated as a young boy. It would be my pleasure
to show them what the IKEA brand is all about.

My positive mind-set and connection to
the IKEA values will be an asset to your company. As a regular volunteer with
the Green Depot in UBC, I was an advocate for sustainability by regularly educating
customers on making use of all resources to make a useable end-product. As a Recovery
Team leader, I feel this will be very beneficial as I will prevent unnecessary
costs and give products a second chance by presenting them in the as-is

Through my time as a helper at the 2016
MAC Summer Camp I found that to work well with people just meant to be able to
listen to and address their concerns. I found it increasingly easy to deal with
the children with at the summer camp as well as their parents. That summer I
believe my customer service skills developed dramatically and I planned to work
with them next summer. When I applied the following year, they interviewed me
and said I was fit to be a Camp Coordinator. They had 4 positions: Camp Helper,
Camp Counselor, Camp Coordinator, and Camp Director, in increasing order of hierarchy.
There were many Helpers and Counselors, but only one Coordinator and one Director.
They were impressed by my work ethic as I was only a helper but always kept myself
busy and did more than was expected of me. Furthermore, three families asked if
I could babysit their children on my own time after the summer camp, but I did
not have the required licence. This experience made it clear that I had a knack
for customer service and I have been seeking similar opportunities since then.

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