The Middle East is on the threshold of phenomenal growing in e-commerce and Oman is one of the states at the head of a fast passage into the universe of Information Communication Technology. The volume of e-commerce in the Sultanate will turn under the influence of a flourishing economic system. high disposable income. retail merchants offering a multi-channel offer particularly manner. consumer electronics and the similar. says a survey commissioned by Visa. one of the world’s prima payment solutions suppliers. Entire e-Commerce volume was valued at $ 70 million in 2010 but will make $ 100 million by terminal of 2011. or an addition of 43 per cent. Another factor that could act upon the enlargement of e-commerce in the Sultanate is the addition in the figure of Internet users — from 3. 52 per hundred dwellers to 62. 6 per hundred or a growing of over 1. 600 per cent since 2000. harmonizing to the survey.

( Critical Factors in the Adoption and Diffusion of E-government Initiatives in Oman: HafedhAlShihi ) The survey found that non-technical barriers in Oman. such as users’ deficiency of IT cognition and the absence of selling runs. have negatively affected people’s determinations to utilize the engineering and inhibited determination shapers from implementing or following engineering enterprises. In add-on. several country-specific bounds to e-government growing were identified. Government determination shapers in Oman were found to be prone to short-run planning. which prevents them from expecting the long-run potency of e-government. Additionally. frequent structural alterations within ministries. and the fact that the e-government undertaking is non given high precedence nor desperately needed at present. have contributed in detaining development of and betterments to such a system. Ultimately. this research delivered a socio-technical model for acceptance. detailing causes and effects of the critical factors in the acceptance and diffusion of e-government enterprises in Oman.


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