Interpersonal paper: “Guess Who is Coming for Dinner” Interpersonal communication Is very fundamental In good communication. Communication Is about sending and receiving messages In a specific sense. In a broader sense, It could be defined as the process of acting on Information. (S. A. Beebe; S. J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). This is a simplified definition and for this paper my focus will be on Listening and Responding skills. In the case of my selected movie, “Guess Who is Coming for Dinner I will elaborate on Relational Listening Style.

In the following paragraphs I will elaborate how in “Guess who is Coming for Dinner”, Father and son successfully apply a relational listening style to effectively communicate. Summary Listening and responding skills are very Important for several reasons. Some researchers suggest that because listening Is the first communication skill we learn (we respond to sounds even while In our mother’s womb). (S. A. Beebe; S. J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). Rather than Just focusing only on what to say, a person skilled in the art of conservation listens and picks up on interest and themes of others. S. A. Beebe; S.

J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). In the movie “Guess Who is Coming for DinВ« it shows how the father and son listen to each other and respond accordingly. For a man who always like never puts a wrong foot, you are way out of line. You know how I worked my ass off to get you all the chances you got. (Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, 18-33 seconds) while the son is listening and he responds; you tell me what rights I have got and what rights I haven’t got and what I owe you. I owe you nothing, If you carried that bag a million miles, you did what you were supposed o do; because you brought me into this world. Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner, 1 – 1 minutes). While some of the words are harsh between father and son; both parties practice great listening and responding skill by allowing each other to express their opinion without a lot of interjections and responding accordingly. Listening skills are especially important when you need to understand and retain spoken information. (S. A. Beebe; S. J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). This is clearly demonstrated in the video. Communication concept The concept under consideration is Relational Listening Styles.

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Relational listeners tend to prefer listening to people’s emotions and feelings. A person with a relational listening style searches for common interests and seeks to empathic with the feelings of others (S. A. Beebe; S. J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). The son counteracted his father but was listening to what he said and found empathy. That is why after making his point. He reassures his father of his love for him. Dad, dad, you are my father, I am your son; love you, I always have’ and always will. Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner, 2:45 minutes).

Research shows that relational listeners the person they are listening to. (S. A. Beebe; S. J. Beebe; and Diana K. Ivy; 2013). Concept put into practice The son clearly demonstrates empathy with his father that is the reason why he reassures his father of his unconditional love for him despite their differences in opinion. We also see the father trying to attract empathy from his son by saying; You mean you are going to break your mother’s heart? (Guess Who is Coming for Dinner; 59 seconds). And because the son is a relational listening, he gets the empathic notes and reassures his father.

That is the first thing you have said that makes sense. He goes further to tell his dad how much he loves him and that this love will never change. (Guess Who is Coming to Dinner; 1:16 minutes) Conclusion This video clearly shows us the importance of relational listening and how he can be used to J a good conservation. Although emotional seemed to be high between father and son and they clearly had different views about life, the fact that they reactive a relational style of listening greatly contributes to the success of this conversation.


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