Well. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of guessing the correct answers. 1 . ) Process of Elimination: this is probably the most straightforward and most commonly applied method most students will turn to. It’s also the most effective. Most of us start with the usual question: which answer choices cannot possibly be correct? But what If you can only eliminate one? Well, it’s K if you can only eliminate one. So long as you can eliminate one, you can ask more “advanced” questions to help refine your guesswork.

In math, you’ll see questions that share the same numbers or variables in some of the other answer choices. Sometimes, only one of them will posses a certain answer, and the other three will posses other answers. Usually, the one deferent one Is wrong. Sometimes there will be two answer choices that are the exact same thing (e. G. 2/1 or 2) which automatically means those are Incorrect. Lastly, you’ll want to address what you already know, and see if any of the answer choices contradicts what you know. Sometimes, even the most basic of knowledge can help you. 2.

Observe other questions: this one Isn’t as commonly known. However, It’s a little known fact that some of the other questions can help you answer previous ones. For example, one question may ask what Ambivalence means, and the other question might ask you which scenario isn’t an example of ambivalence, which means that three of the answers must deal with ambivalence. Using this knowledge, we can observe three of the answer choices, and define what makes three of them the same, and then go back to the previous question and use the knowledge to answer the question.

This will not always work, but It will almost always help with at least one question. 3. ) Analyze what the question is asking: sometimes we’ll miss things, or sometimes it can help eliminate answer choices. Deductive reasoning and logic are good tools here, as wordy questions will often give away what answers arena correct before you 4. ) Answer choice patterns: most people will stress out if the answer for a question is the same letter more than three times.

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The trick is to not do this unless you bypass vie, since tests will use these as fear factors for people who are guessing, and they’ll put the “second most correct answer” as the letter you get, and make the real answer for the next question the same thing, in an effort to confuse you. Be confident! That is not to say that you should be foolish: repetition is pretty sketchy, go back and re-read a question and the answer choices and decide if the answers are correct or not. If you are 100% sure you have the correct answer, letter patterns aren’t something you should fret.


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