The whole Romeo and Juliet thing has got somewhat out of hand. So I’m forced to intervene, as this age old saga rears its ugly head, yet again. Everyone knows of the great debate over this tale of love, lust and tragedy. Well, it’s happened again. People are at loggerheads over who is to blame. The Capsules? The Montague? Or one of those small characters in-between? On internet forums and online discussion sites there’s numerous Bag Alluring fans clamoring to add their opinion. Admittedly, they’re quite well done.

Of course, you have the odd droning who couldn’t be bothered to give the matter any thought: Shakespearean fault, he wrote the play in the first place *smiley face*. But quite often you’ll come across a rare gem among the bad spelling and emoticons, someone with a lot of time on their hands, who have their arguments well thought out and well structured. This brings us to the crux of the matter. Who is right? Which one of those numerous floggers has it all figured out? Maybe we’ll never will get to the bottom of the matter, ND thus dub it all Shakespearean fault.

As it is, in the end, a crime of passion, let’s start with the main suspects: Mummy and Daddy. As every romantic, love-struck teen will tell you, the Capsules and the Montague didn’t realism that true love conquers all. If it wasn’t for their feud, our teen lovers wouldn’t be lying in a crypt. They should have put aside their differences long ago, and started wearing brightly colored t-shirts with ‘Pick Flowers, Not Fights’ printed in bold on the front. I’m sure middle-aged melancholies with families of their own would strongly disagree.

While those dramatic Italians were wrong to drag out their argument for so long, to that the point no one knew what it was about, Romeo and Juliet were too young. They were too immature to have such a relationship, and didn’t think through decisions and consequences. They were annoyingly deluded, especially Romeo, who from the looks of things didn’t know the difference between love and lust. But the plot thickens when you consider the other, smaller, seemingly less important harassers.

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Consider Benevolent who breaks the news of Gullet’s death to Romeo, after he turns up at the Capsule funeral, a figure as unwelcome as Tony Abbott at Julia Galliard’s birthday party. And what about Friar Laurence? The old softy was such a sucker for a good love story, that he married them a day after they had first met. A contracted Tanat doesn’t oaten pop up on online Thrums Ana Logs Is ten Nurse. No name, Just Nurse. I don’t know about you, but that makes her a faceless, foreboding figure in my mind.

Definitely no Florence Nightingale, she was filled with more poison than a Nazi in Hitter’s bunker. In the end, the deeper you look into it, the more ridiculous the targets of blame get. Table, Mercuric, the apothecary, that guy who sells Goleta down on the corner of Verona’s main street. Foolish Juliet, heavily sedated, knew nothing of the literary debates and online rages between forum members that she would cause hundreds of years later. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we never get to the bottom of this seemingly endless debate.


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