Happiness ” Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. ” – Dale Carnegie Everyone idea of happiness differs from person to person. My idea of happiness is for the most part a positive attitude everyone and being content with yourself. My belief to feeling happiness Is all up to an Individual and how they want to be happy. For example, someone could live the perfect life; have a great job, a nice house, but could still be miserable. In today’s society, happiness is attainable but not remunerated.

For example, you can achieve happiness by having the Job of your dreams, or falling in love with someone. But happiness is just an emotion and no emotion is permanent. Its up to individuals to find their own form of happiness. In the past happiness was definitely more attainable. In the past peoples’ expectations were a lot lower than peoples’ in the present are. For example back then kids didn’t have fancy things to look forward to at Christmas time, kids back then Just got what hey got and were happy with It.

Kids today always need the newest things that companies have to offer. Overall, happiness Is an emotion that comes easier to some, while others struggle with attaining it. Happiness is something that doesn’t happen overnight but if you work hard to try to be a happier person it will come. It isn’t all about materialistic things, It’s about how you feel about yourself and life. And looking at things with a positive attitude. Sources: WV. Barbiturate. Com


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