Hackers are people that can gain
access to a secure network without authorisation from the company. When the
hacker has gained access to the network they then can do a variety of things
they are not supposed to do.   They can
change the website and steal information. The hacker can change the information
to trick the customer in to giving them the information instead of a company.
If this happens the site will be required to shut down until the site is fixed
and the damage done is fixed.  If the
site has to shut down this can result in a loss of money for their business and
profit could drop. Furthermore if there is an information leak this could harm
the reputation of the business because the system will have lost the
information and important data about their customers. However they can avoid
and prevent hackers by using and consistently updating the system and using
software like firewall and antivirus.


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Malware is a type of malicious
software. This is a type of software that is made to damage a computer or gain
access to a computer without the owner of the computer knowing. Some malware
may include Virus, Adware, and Spyware. This can result in the loss of
important files on the device and your personal information can be stolen.


A virus can be attached to file that
may be on your computer or it can be in an email from somebody you might not
know with a document attached to it which can contain a virus. A virus is a
computer code that is precisely made to access unauthorised access to a systems
computer files. Once the virus is inside the computer it can access the files
and infect it. The virus can be destructive because it can change and delete
files and documents and there is no way of stopping it. 


The main risk to a macro virus is that
is has the ability to spread fast. Once the macro virus is run all the
documents can become infected. The virus is designed to delete files or
compromise data that is stored on the computer. Also the macro virus can be
sent through an e-mail or stored on a disk or a USB.  If a company has a macro virus in the system
it can be very damaging because the macro virus can damage the system by
damaging the files that can contain sensitive customer information and if they lose
it the reputation of the company can go down.


The Trojan virus can disguise itself
as a friendly program that can improve your computer however it is and can be
very destructive the effects of the Trojan will vary with all being damaging to
the computer. One programme in Trojan can be key logging. This can register the
numbers and letters you press on the computer and will give that information to
the hacker. For example when you login to your bank account the hacker can see
what you type on the computer and use that information to login to your
account. Furthermore another programme in the Trojan is data corruption which
can cause the operating system to crash. Another programme that a Trojan has is
remote access, this can be the most damaging, and this gives the hacker the
ability to access your computer and personal files from their computer which
then can change and delete the files. If a Trojan infects a company this can be
very damaging to the computer and all the files they have on the customers. The
hacker could steal the information and use it for them self or they could
access the computer using the remote access and change various data.


A computer worm is a program that duplicates itself and makes good
use of a PC’s system availability to transfer a duplicate of itself to
different computers inside that system. It can do this with no contribution
from the person that owns the computer. Worms are very similar to viruses in
that they don’t require a host program to run, yet like viruses, they quite
often can damage the computer. Running an anti-virus program can erase the
worm, and updating your operating system will fix and get rid of any holes that
the worm may rely on to return and access your computer again. If a company has
a worm in the system this can be very damaging to the system because it will be
able to spread to every computer in the company’s network which then can
corrupt the files and documents.


Identity theft happens when a person
or a person’s personal computer is hacked. Identity theft includes a hacker
accessing the data that is unauthorised to them and stealing the identity of
that person. If a business like a bank was hacked and all the details of their
customers was stolen the person will be able to take money out of the stolen
accounts. This will effect both the business and the person because the person
will be lousing the money and the banks reputation will go down which may
result people going to a rival company which can mean they go out of business.
The best way to stop a hacker is to always and regularly update the information
and change the way people access their information for example biometrics with
things like fingerprint or Iris scan. 


A DOS attack is an attempt to overload
website with movement. The objective is to upset the site or system so as to
prevent real clients from getting to the administration. The DOS attack is
generally propelled from a solitary machine.

DDOS attack are ordinarily more
terrible than DOS attack. They are propelled from numerous PCs. The machines
included could number many at least thousands. These machines aren’t altogether
claimed by the assailant, normally. These machines are typically added to the
programmer’s system by methods for malware.

A DDOS and a DOS attack can effect a
business because at first the website will be down and people that may want to
use the site may not know what is happening at first they will assume that is
their computer. This can highly effect the business their highest source of
income is down and this can result in the business lousing profits.





impact on performance

A firewall can affect the performance
of information sent to the internet business website as the real information
must be verified, ensuring it is bound for the right port and does not contain malicious
software.  A firewall will work in the
background with you knowing. It will monitor network traffic that is incoming
and outgoing from tour computer. The firewall software will combine and join
with the computers CPU and take up a certain amount of memory. For the programme
to run smoothly it will effectively effect the speed of the computer.
Furthermore firewalls by verified business like Norton or Microsoft will affect
the system well because they are trusted. There can be badly designed firewall
that may be a Trojan.

Also the firewall can affect the speed
at which the firewall works with the internet and slow it down because it
monitors what you are doing on the internet and monitors communications.
However the slowdown should be unnoticeable except if the firewall works with
high security.















Pros and Cons



HTTPS is a protected site that
makes it very troublesome for web pages and websites to be hacked and accessed
by an unauthorised user. This is similar to utilising SSL ensures that important
information isn’t sent as plain text which will be easier to read however sent
encoded making it difficult to access, this is done by the utilisation of a
digital certificate. Websites that utilize HTTPS convention will generally be
secure and use numerous security strategies to keep information safe.

HTTPS will unfavourably influence
your site load time. When the site you own has a digital certificate, an
additional step of secure confirmation is added to the procedure of purchase. Because
of this your site may take a bit longer to load.


This is an alternative way that an
e-commerce such as amazon or EBay can reassure the customer that that website
is safe to use. RSA is a security algorithm used in digital cryptography. RSA is
different from older algorithms because RSA has the ability of allowing digital
signing as well as advanced encryption for e-commerce systems and high-profile organisations
like HSBC. RSA has both a public key and a private key. The public key is used
for the encryption and given out to anyone. The private key is used for decrypting
and is precisely generated to work simply with the public key that it was made
for and matches with. The user keeps the private key to themselves and uses it similar
to a password to access the contents of an encrypted file this could include
things like important information or documents. RSA is used for various important
reasons because of its ability to allow the users to sign in electronically to
access their domains and other digital property they may own and also its
capability of providing a strong encryption for websites, servers, and files.

A disadvantage of RSA encryption
is the computer has to work very hard to encrypt and decrypt the data. If your
job involves you needing to work with large amounts of encrypted files
regularly the computer can over heat due to working too hard. 


SSL is short for Security Socket
Layer. This is a way of ensuring that customers have a secure internet
connection. SSL can offer an encryption method allowing the site to be a HTTPS.
The SSL has its benefits and disadvantages. The SSL can be attained as a
certificate and can authenticate the site it claims to be. For example Apple
has a secure site so that customers knows that it is the real company and no
one trying to scam them. Lastly by having a SSL you are giving them a guarantee
that the information is honest and valid. The disadvantages is the Performance
when an exchange is started on a site with SSL authentication, the procedure
includes encryption and decryption of the information transferred. Through
this, the connection of the server slows. Furthermore this is a small price to
pay with a slow connection for extra security.




An immensely vital use of software which might be the
difference between a business prosperity and defeat. Could accelerate webpage
performance toward eliminating the danger of velocity lessening malware.
Hostile to malware utilities might back off those site, as verification
strategies might be set up.  Essential
files might be distinguished concerning illustration. PUP alternately an
alternate malware kind which in deleted might cause issue. Against malware
utilities must a chance to be continually updated to kill newer dangers


Firewalls come as software and hardware. They are a security
safety measure that controls what can enter and leave a system, regularly with
more accentuation on what can enter a system and that is the thing that
represents the greatest danger. As far as web based business, this is a
fundamental precautionary measure as it keeps individuals from getting to a
private system who aren’t approved, which means client’s subtle elements won’t
be spilled. In any case, firewalls can back off the speed of the server that
your site is working from, implying that administration might be slower which
can either discourage potential clients in light of the fact that don’t care
for the holding up times, however could guarantee clients that their points of
interest are being secured.


Strong Passwords

Important passwords has to be
updated consistently like every month or every 6 months to avoid being hacked. If
your password was something linked to you like a birthday or a family name. A
strong password will contain numbers, letters and symbols. Also it is important
to not use the same password for everything. The most used password is
Password1, by having this password it will make it easy for the hacker to
access your account. Furthermore most password authentication systems can let
you modify your password as often as you want; because you log in with your
existing user ID and current password, and then update the password in the settings.
However Biometric authentication systems cannot change; they are fixed to your
fingerprints, retinas or other body feature.

Logging in with an existing user
ID and password is easy; if they match the data stored in the website database,
the program validates them and gives them access. Biometric systems are no as reliable;
a fingerprint sensor can misread your finger and keep you locked out of the
computer or blocked if you have injured your finger. Injuries or other changes
to the affected body part will affect the authentication system.

Having a week password can be
damaging if a hacker guesses it because they will be able to access your









Biometric is a type of security mainly
used for authentication and verifying a person and once verified it will give
access to that individual in view of verification of one’s physical attributes
which are stored in a biometric security system. Biometric incorporate unique
features of a human body with things like a fingerprint, iris and retina scan
and facial scan.

Fingerprint is a type of scan
that reads the grooves of your finger. The scan is very secure, it can be used
to unlock safes and phones. They are faster and easier to set up. Also I it
almost impossible that somebody will have an identical fingerprint or it is
near to impossible to replicate a fingerprint.  
Furthermore hackers are professionals in finding out information and
personal passwords to access a computer but the fingerprint allows another
layer of security to protect information.  

However the fingerprint
biometrics scanner has its downside. If the finger that is usually scanned is
injured even if it is temporary it can mess up and obstruct the scanner.  Since the finger is injured the scanning
process will take longer because it does not recognise the finger.  Also a high security scanner may require very
expensive computer software and hard were to get the programme running at the

The iris is one of the most
unique organs of the human body. Every iris is different no one has the same
iris not even identical twins.  Iris-scanning is not obstructive as there is
no direct contact between the iris and the scanner. It is not painful because it
does not use any laser technology, it is just simply video technology. It has
no trouble in registering people that wear glasses or contact lenses. The accuracy
of the scan is a beneficial with error rates being quite low, which results in
a dependable and trustworthy system for verification.

The camera that is used in the procedure
always has to have the right amount of light. Without this, it I will be very
difficult to scan an accurate image of the iris. Along with the lack of light arises
the problem with reflective surfaces like a mirror close to the camera as this
could reflect in to the camera and make it difficult to scan the iris. All of
these impact the ability of the camera to capture an accurate image.


RSA Secure ID

Two-factor authentication is when
you protect an account with two factors. A factor is either password, phone, fingerprint.
To truly be protected by two-factor authentication, your account must require
two locks before you can access it. When creating an account on a site, you
have to answer security questions and set answers for each one. When logging
into that account (e.g. bank account), you have to provide the correct answer
to each question to authenticate that you have rightful access and it is you.

The security questions are easy
and quick to set up. The website you are signing up for provides a dropdown
menu of questions for you to answer and all you have to do is pick one and give
the answer. You don’t need any other equipment all you need to do is remember
it. However a down side to this is many security question answers can be found
in records like your mother’s maiden name or your first pet’s name. To avoid
this, you can make up your answer although it will be hard to remember or make
a second password.

Furthermore when creating an account they will
ask for your phone number and when you want to login to the account you created
the service will send you an message with a verification code that will expire
within 10-15 minutes. Most of the time it will automatically put the code in if
you are using your phone.  An advantage
is SMS messages are convenient. Today almost everyone has a phone that is a SMS-capable
device and can receive SMS messages free of charge. Generally the messages
arrive instantly or a couple of seconds after you have created your account.
Also if your device is stolen or misplaced you can lock if form another device.
A down side is you have to have trust that the company does not share your
phone number with other people


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