Hamburg’s Code of Laws Law 8. ) Stealing * If a man were to get caught stealing, depending on what the item was they would either get a large fine or it could even result in spending time in Jail. Law 142. ) Going back home/Divorce * In today’s world if a man belittled or neglected his wife she would have the right to “go back to her fathers house” or divorce him. Law 143. ) Women is at fault * Today if a woman were at fault she would not be thrown into a river. Nobody has the right to do that. In today’s world if she did something very bad she could go to Jail but not thrown into a river. Law 196.

Violence * The man that got his eye put out has the right to defend himself. If a man put another man’s eye out and the other guy did it right back they would both go to Jail. Law 198. ) Puts of the eye or breaks the bone of a freed man * Regardless if a man is a slave or a freed man in today’s world if you put out the eye of a freed man you would be prosecuted and put into Jail for violence. Law 199. ) Puts out the eye or break bone off man’s slave * Today, there is not slavery so if a man were to put out the eye of someone’s worker or broke a man’s bone they would be put in Jail and pay a fine Just as they did in the ancient times.


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