Liverpool JMU has its ain cardinal station room that is located at Bryrom Street Liverpool L3 3 AF. The bulk of incoming mail for JMU is delivered to this subdivision. where it is sorted and so delivered to identify locations by our ain nomadic bringing service. The mail room staff our Director: Jerry Crayden Supervisor: Alan Smith. drivers 1 David Cole driver 2 Stephen Knight drivers 3 Alex Delany. JMU a post-room driver besides helps to screen out mail one time delivered to post-room. All University surpassing mail is collected from single sections 3 times on a day-to-day footing so delivered back to the chief mail room. to be sorted and so collected by Royal Mail for onward theodolite. One of my functions at the Redmonds response. when non busy with companies and visitants is clerical. These include screening mail every bit good as subscribing for and administering bundles within an in agreement timescale.

All our mail is sorted and branded into the undermentioned mail categories: 1st category little and big letters should be sorted. branded with departmental cast. Internal mail is sent in orange envelops marked FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. No section cast needed for internal mail. All Redmond’s particular bringing ( DHL. Parcelforce etc. … ) . And courier points will be handed individually to our station room driver with the necessary paperwork. I have got to do certain these points are received in the the mailroom no subsequently than 2:30 autopsy in order for them to be despatched on the same twenty-four hours. Any internal mail that I sign for I will e-mail the relevant individual and besides subscribe it into received book that is on response desk. for security intents so non merely do I have an electronic transcript e. g. electronic mail I besides have a paper transcript.

Problems that may happen with incoming mail and outgoing mail: One of the chief jobs that we can come across is holds. or even losing mail. To avoid any holds. we make certain that our mail goes out at the right clip with the right postage on them. To do certain we have no of import paperss traveling losing JMU have them delivered via recorded bringing. that manner we can track the bringing of the package. Besides any leery mail or bundle that we come across has got to handled we the extreme attention and we at response will so describe it to the concerned individual in charge e. g. security section

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