You should take ownership of a customer’s problem as if it is your own problem.
If you make a mistake that makes the problem worse, it’s best to hide the problem until you can resolve it or until you have left the customer site.
Once you feel like you have resolved a problem, politely tell the customer the job is finished, and go on your way.
Errors with memory are often difficult to diagnose because they can appear intermittently and might be mistaken as other types of errors.
Most Microsoft patches and device drivers can be applied to a 32-bit installation and also a 64-bit installation.
What can you do if you suspect an application requires more privileges than the currently logged-on account?
use the Run as administrator shortcut menu option
What should be done before any changes are made to a system that is experiencing a problem?
Backup data
What should be done if a system cannot boot from the hard drive?
Boot from the Windows setup DVD
What should be entered at a command prompt in order to scan all system files?
sfc /scannow
What is defined as a record of a call for help with a computer problem?
You can quickly identify a problem with memory or eliminate memory as the source of a problem by using what tool?
Memory Diagnostics
What is the last step in the six step troubleshooting method covered in this chapter?
What is a good practice when working with a customer on site?
limit use of your cell phone to work-related calls
When working with a computer illiterate user over the phone, what is NOT a good practice?
before proceeding with the call, tell the customer to put someone else on the line
If you have an overly confident user on the phone, what is a good practice?
compliment the user’s knowledge, insight, and experience
What should you do when you have a customer that is frequently complaining about your company, products, or services?
allow the customer to vent for a while and apologize as necessary
What should you do after a problem has been resolved at an on-site service call?
if you changed anything since the last boot, reboot one more time
Which of the following involves assigning a problem to those higher in the support chain?
problem escalation
When working with co-workers and supervisors, which of the following is a good practice?
be professional by putting business matters over personal matters
What command will open the Memory Diagnostics utility?
What console can be used to enable, disable, start, or stop a service?
What command will unregister a component when run?
regsvr32.exe /u
What piece of equipment is NOT a tool that would be considered appropriate equipment for on-site visits?
What application can be used to set Windows 8 to boot into Safe Mode while still in Windows?
The System Restore utility can be started from command line using what executable?
What are two valid steps in the six step troubleshooting method discussed in this chapter?
Establish a Theory; Document outcomes
What are some useful rules to use when troubleshooting? (Choose all that apply).
Make No Assumptions

Become a Researcher

Establish your Priorities

What two tools can be used to disable a service and to give a list of all currently running services, respectively?


When attempting to solve application errors, what does the first step involve?
ask the user to reproduce the problem while you watch

interview the user and back up data

try a reboot

What are three possible reasons for an application error that should be considered at step 3 of the application troubleshooting process?
application may be corrupted

application settings may be wrong

consider data corruption

software that records the progress and resolution of a problem ticket
call tracking
a tool that can be used to register components
Component Services
a record of a help request and its current status
A command that uses the process ID to stop a process
another name for a stop error, which happens when processes running in kernel mode encounter a problem and Windows must stop the system
Blue Screen of Death
A command used to find the ID number of each running process
a Windows utility that protects system files and keeps a cache of current system files in case it needs to refresh a damaged file
System File Checker
a program associated with a file extension
default program
assignment of a problem to someone higher in the support chain
call tracking

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