A hard boot takes more time than a soft boot.
The Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses F8 as Windows is loading.
There is no option for networking access when using Safe Mode.
A Windows 7 system repair disc can be created using the Backup and Restore utility.
What is responsible for getting a system up and going and finding an OS to load?
Startup BIOS
What is the name of the program that reads the settings in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file and manages the initial startup of the OS?
Windows Boot Manager
Under the Advanced Options screen, what startup option should be enabled in order to view what did and did not load during the bootup?
Boot Logging
As you work to solve a Windows problem, always choose the method that makes the most changes to the system as possible in order to rejuvenate the machine.
What program is used to start the part of the Win32 subsystem that displays graphics?
In Windows 7, what startup option can be used to restore the registry settings from the previous login?
Last Known Good Configuration
What command can be used to manage hard drives, partitions, and volumes?
In order to remove any partition or volume information from a selected disk, what diskpart command should be used?
What command can be used to scan for Windows installations not stored in the BCD?
bootrec /scanOS
The Advanced Boot Options screen can be displayed by pressing what key during the boot sequence?
What key will cause the Windows Boot Manager to appear as long as it is pressed during the Windows startup process?
What command can be used to check for file system errors?
chkdsk /r
What is a typical symptom that might indicate the MBR record is damaged?
Invalid partition table error
If you suspect corrupted system files are causing issues, what command can be run to search for and replace the corrupted files?
sfc /scannow
What is the file name given to the Windows kernel?
Where is the Windows system registry hive?
What command can be used to repair a dual boot system?
What dynamic link library handles low-level hardware details?
Registry files, if deleted, can be restored from those saved in what folder?
What command can be issued within Windows RE to enable networking?
What Windows process is responsible for authenticating users?
What two programs are utilized when Windows resumes from hibernation, depending on the motherboard’s BIOS/UEFI?


What error messages indicate that the MBR sector is damaged, or the active partition is corrupt or missing? (Choose all that apply.)
Missing operating system

Invalid partition table

Error loading operating system

What events can occur during BootMgr’s role in startup? (Choose all that apply.)
The settings in the BCD are read

Dual-boot menu is displayed

What are some of the responsibilities of the kernel during the startup process? (Choose all that apply.)
Activates the HAL

Starts critical services

Starts the Session Manager

Which of the following text error messages can indicate that BIOS could not find a hard drive? (Choose all that apply).
Hard drive not found

No boot device found

A Windows 7/Vista command option that repairs the boot sector of the system partition.
A small Windows database structured the same as a registry file and contains configuration information about how Windows is started
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store
A command to manage hard drives, partitions, and volumes.
Restarts the computer by turning off the power or by pressing the Reset button
cold boot
Registry settings and device drivers that were in effect when the computer was last logged into successfully
Last Known Good Configuration
For a GPT hard drive, the bootable partition used to boot the OS and contains the boot manager program for the OS
EFI System Parition (ESP)
A lean operating system that can be used to troubleshoot problems when Windows refuses to start
Windows Recovery Environment (RE)
A self-diagnostic program used to perform a simple test of the CPU, RAM, and various I/O devices
POST (power-on self test)
To restart a PC without turning off the power
soft boot
In Windows 8/7/Vista, the program responsible for loading Windows.
Windows Boot Manager (BootMgr)

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